Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter was fun and exhausting.
The kids have way too much junk and sweets. It was fun hanging out with family. It was the first time that my family has been together in over a year. Kathy and Shawn finally got to see the baby twins-Eli and Landon. The twins were perfect and precious. They are a constant reminder for me that miracles can still happen and to be thankful for everyday that you have. I didn't get to do as much on the ranch as I wanted but the weather was awful. It rained one night and the wind did not stop-but it was still fun.
Kathy got out on Thursday afternoon so I took pictures from then til the end
OH and one is of Kathy with a busted lip-she fell down at school-I felt so bad for her. She did not get to eat anything at her Easter party-it looked awful. The pictures really do not show you how big her lip got. She iced it forever and even fell asleep on top of the ice pack and it looked even bigger after icing it over night.
All is well now and we are back to a busy week. Bryan and daddy and Lance and my uncle went fishing so pictures from that will be up soon.
Hollar later