Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey I am becoming awful at this.
Ok so Shawn has had a rough few weeks. The first week of September-Shawn became ill with bronchitis. So we began the winter regimen already: the antibiotics, the breathing treatments.
He is done with the antibiotics but still has bad coughing. So the breathing treatmens are still going on and they make him super excited and hyper.
Last night I was in the middle of my final exam-literally had an hour left til I could turn it in. I made it but not before the small interruption from Shawn throwing up constantly for several hours. He has a fever still and is resting and taking things easy.
But first thing after Kat went to school I had to take Shawn to the doctor-the specialist for the neck. The doctor said that he has an allergy infection and that is causing lymphnodes to infect. He put him on a nasal spray, then he put him on Singular for chronic coughing and weezing. It is used on asthma patients but he said this will help with other things too. Then he changed his breathing treatment meds from albuterol to another one. He said that should cut down on the jitters.
Shawn did get the hiccups while there and the doctor was interested in that too-I did tell him we are going to a specialist in October for that. He did say that the singulair will help his chest so that it might also make the hiccups easier on his chest.
ANYWAYS thanks for the prayers, words of comfort and thoughts. Now if we can get the hiccups under control I think I will be able to stop thinkin the worst. Thankfully Kathy has remained well for the most part-she did get sick on Sunday night with fever coughing and upset stomach but never had any vomiting or anything else from her. She stayed home with me yesterday but felt great today.
Ok well I better go.
Hollar later