Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a long time since I last posted-life has been busy.

Shawn still has hiccups and so the testing is still occurring and will be going back to gastro next week and the pulmonologist in Feb. But other than that is amazing and growing up and turning out to be soo handsome but of course I am a bit biased!
Kathy is doing okay-struggling with her grades but hope to figure out some tricks to get her back to where she wants to be soon.
Christmas came and went very smoothly. The kids loved everything that Santa brought them and thankful to grandparents who were able and kind enough to chip in and buy a swing set for them-they are soo excited!
December is a special month for us-it is when Bryan and I were married. Today is our anniversary.
We have been married now for 9 years. 9 years ago I was right about 5:40-I was shaking so bad that I could barely stand-I couldn't breathe and then on the outside of my door I hear his voice say the sweetest things to me and pepping me up. My world was going to change forever-then my cousin Keith comes to get me and prepares me for the longest walk in my life. All I could hear was the song playing and my heart in my throat-I look up and I see him. He was perfect just as I remembered him-and then I couldnt get there fast enough-but then I see all these people starring at me-many I had no idea who they were and a few that I had loved for a few months due to new friends and then those that I had loved for years.
Then Bryan's uncle who married us said "there will be even greater temptations for you now because the world will see that you have a ring on your hand and will want to make you break that vow-that promise. So protect it with your life." Those words have forever rang in my brain forever.
Bryan and I have been through soo much in the past 9 years and there were times when we both felt that everyone was against us including each other. But here we are tonight-I am married to my hero-to the man I saw in Uncles and said "I will marry that man." and I did and I have never been more sure than I am tonight that I am with who I am suppose to be with.
He is amazing-strong and let's me be me and really is the only one who has ever loved me for me and accepted all of me despite everything I mess up he still loves me. I am thankful for him, his hands that hold me strong and tight, his eyes that see me despite my flaws still say the most amazing things to me, push me to get through the toughest times on my own when I think I cannot do it. He reminds me what a Christian is to be like and what I take for granted sometimes. Without him-I would not have survived life and would not be here today litterally!
I am thankful for the lessons, tears and fights that have gotten us to tonight.
I love him and my heart has never loved one as much as him.
So Bryan Quade Parker-thank you for taking me as your wife, and thank you for holding on when I didnt feel that I should be loved.
Here's to the next 90 years!

Later Amber