Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yep-8 years of Marriage!

Last night was our 8th year wedding anniversary, and I must say it was not a good day but it ended well.
To be honest I thought we would stay home with the kids, eat supper, put them to bed and maybe just watch a movie together or something like that. Bryan-without me knowing-had planned to have a babysitter come and us go eat and to a movie-so sweet. Well the babysitter called and said she couldn't and would do it on New Year's but she got stuck in Fort Worth with a friend at a doctor's appointment. No big deal but he wanted to go out so I got a sitter, I made supper for the kids and we went to a movie. Well while I was getting dressed Bryan was outside
messing around outside with the new dog- a full blooded Schnauzer. She was 3 years old and had been abused so Bryan bought her and brought her home. He named her Lady. He was in love with this thing. Well the dog saw one of my cats and ran after it and ran into the street and it got hit by a car. Needless to say-Bryan was immeditely heartbroke. Bryan is very sensitive when it comes to things like that. So he really didn't feel like going out but I finally conveinced him and we went to the movies.
We were going to see Marley and Me and a friend of mine says "dont take him to see that-his dog just died." I asked why does that matter? She told me that Marley was a dog and it was about the dog. So instead we saw Bedtime Stories. It was a good movie. Bryan laughed some but not much. He just felt awful.
But I did get to do some of my own reflecting about the day and the years that we have past. Sometimes people get married and think "oh it's going to be lovely and 24-hours of bliss." Or at least that is what I thought.
But what I have learned is there is nothing harder than a marriage. It's something that only the two of you will fight for to save. It is the one person you can litterally get so angry with that your eyes burn but love at the same time. Marriage is based on full communication, full understanding, total patience, and empathy. Sympathy helps but mostly empathy. Bryan and I have survived some tough times but I can assure you what we have fought through has only prepared us for bigger battles up ahead.
We are at a place right now where we aren't in that lovey stage, yes we still hold hands and kiss goodnight-always-but we're okay if we don't want to be with each other. We can still have fun with friends and be away from one another and not be miserable. It's more like a best friend stage.
So here is to another year together-another year to grow, to get mad and get over it, to surprise one another, and most important to laugh. As long as you can still laugh at one another and with each other-your okay.
When you get mad don't push them away, pull them in closer-because no one else is going to want to hold you two together. Hold on til the storm calms.

Hollar later Amber

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with Bryan and the kids

Ok to be honest I love having Christmas with family but at the same time it is nice to be able not to have to pack up presents, clothes, food, kids, blankets and pillows, and no matter what you ALWAYS forget something-it's nice to just sit and let everyone come to you.
So we had the chance to actually be Santa and sit up and put all the toys out. We went to the movies that morning on Christmas Eve and saw the Tail of Desperdux(spelling)-absolutely awesome movie. I would recommend it to everyone.Then we went home to go to church and afterwards went home made cookies, took baths, read stories and finally the kids slept.Then Christmas morning came-here are pictures for that:

Shawn was ecstatic he got his John Deere Boots and Thomas the Train.
Kathy was proud she got her first bible and I am so happy she has actually read it almost everyday. The other day I had to make her put it up so she could get sleep.
Then Christmas night Clayton and Carol came and we had grilled steaks and all the fixins and then had Christmas with them-Bryan got the mitter saw he had been dying for.
By the time the left on the 27th we were christmased out.
So glad everyone had a nice holiday season.

Hollar later Amber

Monday, December 29, 2008

Concerts, Gingerbread cookies and presents!

We went to the Christmas concert for Kathy-thought it was great.
Kathy looked very good-I thought she did very well. Personally I think she looked amazing and gorgeous!

Then we got ready for mom to come to have Christmas with us. She and Lance came and along with them came the stomache bug but even after Shawn used Lance's toothbrush-none of the kids or even me got it! Awesome-I know. Anyways the kids and mom made gingerbread men-here are those pics-

Then opening presents:
Mom bought these nerf guns and then it was on. I wish I had pictures of the war that went down that night. I think mom has all the pics of that.
Then mom and I snuck away to watch Twilight and I have to say it was good-I really didn't know what to expect but mom had read all the books so far so I thought well it's not bad if mom is reading but it is funny that mom is reading about vampires.
well there is more to come but later.
Hollar later

Fun with t-shirts

This will be the first of several posts this evening. I have done awful this month on several different levels and topics.
First to begin was Thanksgiving in Fort Stockton-was a blast. The kids had so much fun playing outside and hanging with Uncle Brad and Aunt Lauren.
Then on the day that Bryan and Papa Clayton went hunting and took all 6 grandkids was great and peaceful. I did shopping-Carol, me and one of my all times bestest pals went shopping.Then we made the kids do christmas shirts with their hands and feet:

A blast! Hollar later Amber

Monday, December 15, 2008


OK-November was a rough month for me due to the holidays and my mother in laws awesome bananna pudding-way too much there.
When I went to Fort Stockton-I forgot my pills and I walked like once for the five days we were there.
I did work out and start back on the pills when we got back home. I have been working up at the school too so there were a few more days when I would forget to take them. But much to my surprise I still lost weight. I lost 5 more pounds and I am now below 200. I am at 196-so I have gone from 228 to 196 in just a few months. I am still working out a friend and I run bleachers on Mondays(I hope not today it is just way too cold!) and then I try to run one and walk one at the track like 5 times around. But Tuesday-Saturday is pretty much the bike, walking, taebo, and my exercise ball and weights. I can now ride the bike 2 and half miles in 6 minutes.
Christmas is almost here and my list of gifts to get is not dwidling fast enough or at least not as fast as the money does.
This week is busy. Tonight Kathy and Shawn have their tumbling Christmas party, then tomorrow is Kathy's school program, Wednesday kathy is going to get to read to her teacher from last year's class, then Thursday is party day at school. Friday is awards ceremony and out for break. I also eat lunch with her on Fridays and run all my errands.
It is getting pretty hard to figure out what to get everyone. I wish I could just do gift cards to something and call it good but you never know what people really want unless they just say I want this.
Kathy wants a motorcycle-not happen sister! Shawn wants a green b-b gun! That is a definete NO! That is what they asked Santa for but they have asked for everything under the sun from Bryan and I. I am all about educational toys this year. I want learning and playing together.
Well enough for now-hollar later!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ok-I have been trying something totally different with Shawn than I did with Kathy. I wish I would have done this with her, maybe things would have been easier on her now.

I have begun compiling a list of great learning environments for kids that are 2 and up. I say preschool but if you did it with them-there are tons of great things you can find. So I just have listed them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. If you have any that are not on my list-leave it in comments so I can check em out!

This site is awesome on learning ABC's and it really gets the child to interact with the computer.

This is great because it teaches along with the fun characters kids love like Clifford, Martha Speaks, oo and the new one Sid the Science Kid is so cool.

This is a great site for learning if your kids really love animals1

This site has something for everyone-the gamer, the colorer, the interactive one! It is fun.

GREAT FUN! Shawn loved this site because it had Dora, The Wonder pets, and more. This really has many different things and really is for fun.

Awesome math source to help kindergarteners and up and learn math. I make Kathy do this at least 30 minutes every other day or so. She has brought up her math grade 6 points.

Another great math site.

This one is great for like 3rd grade and up-the school here uses it and you can go home and let them play it under their names at school. You can see their progress and the teachers can see what they do at home too!

Those are a few just to start with! Let me know what you think or if you find one that isn't listed here and let me check it out!



(picture is a polaroid sorry it's not better)
We had a wonderful time Thursday night! Stephenville had a meet Santa and his reindeer in the park and it was awesome. There was fake snow tha the kids rolled in and fought in and threw at one another. They made christmas ornaments, wrote Santa a letter, had hot chocolate and cookies. Then we met Vixen the reindeer-I have a picture but cannot get it to scan very good. Then we went to meet Santa. Then we went on a horse carriage ride up and down the square and around town. It really made it feel Special and like Christmas!
Life has been kind to us this year. There were definately some times that we could have done without but luckily we survived and so did our many loved ones.
We have alot to be thankful for in our family. Bryan has a great job that thankfully has not slowed down. Hopefully it continues that way after the first of the year.
The kids have not been sick yet or not like they were last year. I am not stressing to much over school and life. Things are calm for the most part. I do hope it remains that way.
This year was very eventful and fun.
We have new twin cousins-Bryan and I finally have great nephews to spoil and love. We cannot wait for the fun to watch Eli and Landon get into and to see the fun their parents have-its always great to be the one to spoil. It was a bit tough getting them here but their parents did an amazing job.
We have a new home that we are blessed to be able to remodel and call home. That is a really great feeling knowing you do not have to pack up in move-it is yours.
For the most part-the past couple of months have been calm and peaceful-unlike parts of the rest of the world.
Shawn had his first competition in tumbling and did awesome and Kathy finally landed a beautiful cartwheel in her meet.
The kids ar growing and feeling the christmas spirit and ready for Santa to come.
Bryan and I celebrate our 8th year of marriage in a few weeks. It has not been easy but marriage is worth fighting for. I love all lovestories but ours is my favorite. It truly is magical.

Well Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays-
Bryan Amber Kathy Shawn Parker