Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laugh out loud

This school year has been interesting but soo glad that is over. Today was a good day for Kat.
She was given the best, most contagious laugh award. I know that it isnt like the "A" honor roll award but this is much better to me-I now know that others are affected by her incredible and hilarious laugh and smile.
If you ever get to hear it-cherish it as I do I hope you will anyway.
She also did get the A&B Honor roll, and a reading award. I am soo proud of all that she has accomplished and she has grown soo much.
And Shawn has finally learned ALL his ABC's now we just have to get the letters memorized and write his name.

Now here's to the summer. I hope that it is filled with lots of laughs, popsicle grins, late nights of fireflies and cuddling.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Family is always a precious jewel

Sometimes there are things that happen that make you take a huge step back from the whole picture. Unfortunately, this past month has been full of those kinds of times.

We have had several accidents occur, several deaths happen. It never fails the people that these times bring together never ceases to amaze me. Let us never forget that our family is a huge importance and we should let one another know how much they mean to one another. But we do not have to wait til things like things like this happen.
Tell them you love them-big and small.