Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well the new school year is well under way and I must say this year is so much better than last! My children are in good hands this year and I feel so blessed and thankful for that.
School is important-I want my kids to have a passion for learning and exploring and that can only happen when it is presented to them in ways that are positive! Yes there will be times kids hate school but not learning!
Shawn's teacher this year told me she witnessed how he was treated last year and since she was new was not sure how to handle it but assured me that he was an amazing and bright child and will not be treated that way again and is so excited to have him because he is amazing! I cannot believe he is in 1st grade! WOW time is flying by!
Talk about flying by my baby girl-well she is in 5th grade umm someone wanna tell me how that happend! Next year is middle school! Im a bit scared!
But this year she is not going to fall through the cracks-her teacher and the principle are finally listening to me. Her doctor is finally hearing and listening to me! She is so smart and her personality is wonderful but as I know all to often is just on a different page than others and needs help understanding things differently and that can be very frustrating-It kills me to know she has to deal with this as I have. But I tell her- she is smarter than the rest of the world and just has to be taught differently because of that but it isn't her fault it's a gift and others have to embrace it!
Attention Deficit Disorder is not something that can easily be lived with but with the right people, concepts, and support-which support comes from everyone-teachers, principles, doctors, family and friends- A.D.D can be a gift and that is what I want her to understand!
I also feel this year will be not just for learning but growing in other aspects too!
She is asking about crushes and is it okay to like boys- she is asking questions about our faith and growing more in God everyday! She starts Bible Bowl again soon and is so excited!
Cant wait to see the accomplishments of the year!
As for Bryan and I-we are overcoming life and choices everyday! We take it sometimes- a minute at a time! We are growing closer and gettng to know each other all over again! It is improving daily! Thank you all for your love-support- understanding!
Here's to a better year-fingers crossed!

Hollar later! The Parkers