Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am amazed at how fast this summer has passed by.
I am three weeks away from finishing my college math classes. YIPEE no more math or so we hope anyway.
Kathy is gone again-this time with my mom. I think she is getting tired though because when I talk to her she mentions coming home or how long til I come home.
Shawn really misses her when she is gone. I really hate splitting them up-it makes them both sad. You don't realize how much they rely on one another til they are separated.
Bryan is working hard and cant wait til we go to the lake in August so he can just breathe. I second that.
We put the pool up and Shawn absolutely loves it. He is like a fish.
Well that is all for now and let you know more late.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok so we had Kathy's birthday party on the 4th of July. I have to say that this was the most fun I have had on the 4th in a really long time. My mom and dad and aunt and uncler went with us to watch a firework display in Stephenville along with a few church friends.
It was nice to hear my family having fun. The kids played on blankets as my mom and dad really liked what they saw. That is what I like-just watching them have fun together.
It is really strange now but here in the past year I am seeing things from a different perspective. There were times when it didnt bother me when my parents left or I left them but its beginning to change-now I want them to stay for several days and just go doing things. The kids love them and I want them to hang out and have fun with them as much as they can.
Other than that-summer is in full swing. The next few weeks are going to be packed full of water and zoo trips and park trips and maybe a few picnics. We have several waterparks around us that are cheap and little people friendly.
Plus more family time-as much as possible. I dont know if I will go home or not but I do hope they come here again before summer is up. I am thinkin of having an end of summer bash at my house and just having all of the family over-IDK NOT SURE yet.

School is hard on me right now. I thought I would enjoy philosophy but I am really beginning to hate it and rather take a math class. My brain hurts.
Well that is all for now. Hollar back soon.

The Parkes