Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a few pics from the summer and moving here.


As pointed out to me I havent been on here in a while. Things have been CRRAAZZYY!
First of all in May of 2010 Bryan lost his job in Hico-- he immediately left to work with his dad in New Mexico. We thought it was going to be a short term thing.
But May turned into June-kids missed Bryan, Bryan and I were losing touch- so we go to churchcamp and I was so totally against moving. I loved being Hico-I loved our life there-the house, the family, the scenery, the friends.
I kept saying "No moving is not happening." But apparently--someone else had other plans and all week at camp small messages and big messages kept coming to me about how I was ignoring what was goin on around me and being scared and being stuck. People kept saying "As long as your with Bryan-it will be fine."
Scarry thought about moving-literally I was crushed. So in July-we packed and moved to Andrews Texas.
Talk about change-much bigger, more people, more places to eat. But at the same time-much bigger and more people.
I have lived in Andrews before-when I was in high school and I loved it but I had special friends who were here with me. Now not so much the story.
Kathy and Shawn are still adjusting. Deep inside me yes I miss Hico and I miss everything soo much. But for my children-being positive is what needs to happen. So that is what I am trying to do soo much. When they are gone at school is when I try to deal with adjusting. Bryan is working all of the time which is not what we are use to.
I am pushing Kathy and Shawn to meet and talk to people. Kathy has done amazing and loves school and the school is amazing for her. Instead of us paying for testing being done to see why she struggles in certain subjects- the school here does it.
Shawn is still struggling-he still fights me going to school-he tells me how awful his class is and how mad it makes him. Kindergarten is suppose to be the best year ever-- and I am getting frustrated and disappointed that it isnt for him soo we may see what can be done there.
Other than that we are here-it is October-so again Fall is here and my favorite time-Summer- is gone.
That should be everything it has been crazy and hard to adjust but one day at a time and Bryan says only 25 years here and we can go back... Sooo hope time flies.

Love n hugs