Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yep-8 years of Marriage!

Last night was our 8th year wedding anniversary, and I must say it was not a good day but it ended well.
To be honest I thought we would stay home with the kids, eat supper, put them to bed and maybe just watch a movie together or something like that. Bryan-without me knowing-had planned to have a babysitter come and us go eat and to a movie-so sweet. Well the babysitter called and said she couldn't and would do it on New Year's but she got stuck in Fort Worth with a friend at a doctor's appointment. No big deal but he wanted to go out so I got a sitter, I made supper for the kids and we went to a movie. Well while I was getting dressed Bryan was outside
messing around outside with the new dog- a full blooded Schnauzer. She was 3 years old and had been abused so Bryan bought her and brought her home. He named her Lady. He was in love with this thing. Well the dog saw one of my cats and ran after it and ran into the street and it got hit by a car. Needless to say-Bryan was immeditely heartbroke. Bryan is very sensitive when it comes to things like that. So he really didn't feel like going out but I finally conveinced him and we went to the movies.
We were going to see Marley and Me and a friend of mine says "dont take him to see that-his dog just died." I asked why does that matter? She told me that Marley was a dog and it was about the dog. So instead we saw Bedtime Stories. It was a good movie. Bryan laughed some but not much. He just felt awful.
But I did get to do some of my own reflecting about the day and the years that we have past. Sometimes people get married and think "oh it's going to be lovely and 24-hours of bliss." Or at least that is what I thought.
But what I have learned is there is nothing harder than a marriage. It's something that only the two of you will fight for to save. It is the one person you can litterally get so angry with that your eyes burn but love at the same time. Marriage is based on full communication, full understanding, total patience, and empathy. Sympathy helps but mostly empathy. Bryan and I have survived some tough times but I can assure you what we have fought through has only prepared us for bigger battles up ahead.
We are at a place right now where we aren't in that lovey stage, yes we still hold hands and kiss goodnight-always-but we're okay if we don't want to be with each other. We can still have fun with friends and be away from one another and not be miserable. It's more like a best friend stage.
So here is to another year together-another year to grow, to get mad and get over it, to surprise one another, and most important to laugh. As long as you can still laugh at one another and with each other-your okay.
When you get mad don't push them away, pull them in closer-because no one else is going to want to hold you two together. Hold on til the storm calms.

Hollar later Amber

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with Bryan and the kids

Ok to be honest I love having Christmas with family but at the same time it is nice to be able not to have to pack up presents, clothes, food, kids, blankets and pillows, and no matter what you ALWAYS forget something-it's nice to just sit and let everyone come to you.
So we had the chance to actually be Santa and sit up and put all the toys out. We went to the movies that morning on Christmas Eve and saw the Tail of Desperdux(spelling)-absolutely awesome movie. I would recommend it to everyone.Then we went home to go to church and afterwards went home made cookies, took baths, read stories and finally the kids slept.Then Christmas morning came-here are pictures for that:

Shawn was ecstatic he got his John Deere Boots and Thomas the Train.
Kathy was proud she got her first bible and I am so happy she has actually read it almost everyday. The other day I had to make her put it up so she could get sleep.
Then Christmas night Clayton and Carol came and we had grilled steaks and all the fixins and then had Christmas with them-Bryan got the mitter saw he had been dying for.
By the time the left on the 27th we were christmased out.
So glad everyone had a nice holiday season.

Hollar later Amber

Monday, December 29, 2008

Concerts, Gingerbread cookies and presents!

We went to the Christmas concert for Kathy-thought it was great.
Kathy looked very good-I thought she did very well. Personally I think she looked amazing and gorgeous!

Then we got ready for mom to come to have Christmas with us. She and Lance came and along with them came the stomache bug but even after Shawn used Lance's toothbrush-none of the kids or even me got it! Awesome-I know. Anyways the kids and mom made gingerbread men-here are those pics-

Then opening presents:
Mom bought these nerf guns and then it was on. I wish I had pictures of the war that went down that night. I think mom has all the pics of that.
Then mom and I snuck away to watch Twilight and I have to say it was good-I really didn't know what to expect but mom had read all the books so far so I thought well it's not bad if mom is reading but it is funny that mom is reading about vampires.
well there is more to come but later.
Hollar later

Fun with t-shirts

This will be the first of several posts this evening. I have done awful this month on several different levels and topics.
First to begin was Thanksgiving in Fort Stockton-was a blast. The kids had so much fun playing outside and hanging with Uncle Brad and Aunt Lauren.
Then on the day that Bryan and Papa Clayton went hunting and took all 6 grandkids was great and peaceful. I did shopping-Carol, me and one of my all times bestest pals went shopping.Then we made the kids do christmas shirts with their hands and feet:

A blast! Hollar later Amber

Monday, December 15, 2008


OK-November was a rough month for me due to the holidays and my mother in laws awesome bananna pudding-way too much there.
When I went to Fort Stockton-I forgot my pills and I walked like once for the five days we were there.
I did work out and start back on the pills when we got back home. I have been working up at the school too so there were a few more days when I would forget to take them. But much to my surprise I still lost weight. I lost 5 more pounds and I am now below 200. I am at 196-so I have gone from 228 to 196 in just a few months. I am still working out a friend and I run bleachers on Mondays(I hope not today it is just way too cold!) and then I try to run one and walk one at the track like 5 times around. But Tuesday-Saturday is pretty much the bike, walking, taebo, and my exercise ball and weights. I can now ride the bike 2 and half miles in 6 minutes.
Christmas is almost here and my list of gifts to get is not dwidling fast enough or at least not as fast as the money does.
This week is busy. Tonight Kathy and Shawn have their tumbling Christmas party, then tomorrow is Kathy's school program, Wednesday kathy is going to get to read to her teacher from last year's class, then Thursday is party day at school. Friday is awards ceremony and out for break. I also eat lunch with her on Fridays and run all my errands.
It is getting pretty hard to figure out what to get everyone. I wish I could just do gift cards to something and call it good but you never know what people really want unless they just say I want this.
Kathy wants a motorcycle-not happen sister! Shawn wants a green b-b gun! That is a definete NO! That is what they asked Santa for but they have asked for everything under the sun from Bryan and I. I am all about educational toys this year. I want learning and playing together.
Well enough for now-hollar later!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Ok-I have been trying something totally different with Shawn than I did with Kathy. I wish I would have done this with her, maybe things would have been easier on her now.

I have begun compiling a list of great learning environments for kids that are 2 and up. I say preschool but if you did it with them-there are tons of great things you can find. So I just have listed them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. If you have any that are not on my list-leave it in comments so I can check em out!

This site is awesome on learning ABC's and it really gets the child to interact with the computer.

This is great because it teaches along with the fun characters kids love like Clifford, Martha Speaks, oo and the new one Sid the Science Kid is so cool.

This is a great site for learning if your kids really love animals1

This site has something for everyone-the gamer, the colorer, the interactive one! It is fun.

GREAT FUN! Shawn loved this site because it had Dora, The Wonder pets, and more. This really has many different things and really is for fun.

Awesome math source to help kindergarteners and up and learn math. I make Kathy do this at least 30 minutes every other day or so. She has brought up her math grade 6 points.

Another great math site.

This one is great for like 3rd grade and up-the school here uses it and you can go home and let them play it under their names at school. You can see their progress and the teachers can see what they do at home too!

Those are a few just to start with! Let me know what you think or if you find one that isn't listed here and let me check it out!



(picture is a polaroid sorry it's not better)
We had a wonderful time Thursday night! Stephenville had a meet Santa and his reindeer in the park and it was awesome. There was fake snow tha the kids rolled in and fought in and threw at one another. They made christmas ornaments, wrote Santa a letter, had hot chocolate and cookies. Then we met Vixen the reindeer-I have a picture but cannot get it to scan very good. Then we went to meet Santa. Then we went on a horse carriage ride up and down the square and around town. It really made it feel Special and like Christmas!
Life has been kind to us this year. There were definately some times that we could have done without but luckily we survived and so did our many loved ones.
We have alot to be thankful for in our family. Bryan has a great job that thankfully has not slowed down. Hopefully it continues that way after the first of the year.
The kids have not been sick yet or not like they were last year. I am not stressing to much over school and life. Things are calm for the most part. I do hope it remains that way.
This year was very eventful and fun.
We have new twin cousins-Bryan and I finally have great nephews to spoil and love. We cannot wait for the fun to watch Eli and Landon get into and to see the fun their parents have-its always great to be the one to spoil. It was a bit tough getting them here but their parents did an amazing job.
We have a new home that we are blessed to be able to remodel and call home. That is a really great feeling knowing you do not have to pack up in move-it is yours.
For the most part-the past couple of months have been calm and peaceful-unlike parts of the rest of the world.
Shawn had his first competition in tumbling and did awesome and Kathy finally landed a beautiful cartwheel in her meet.
The kids ar growing and feeling the christmas spirit and ready for Santa to come.
Bryan and I celebrate our 8th year of marriage in a few weeks. It has not been easy but marriage is worth fighting for. I love all lovestories but ours is my favorite. It truly is magical.

Well Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays-
Bryan Amber Kathy Shawn Parker

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flashbacks are scary-but try FLASHFORWARD

It is neat to see how fast things change. But from this side-it is scary. When you get to be past 25, things look different-or they do to me. I have loved reading all of the flashbacks you have posted.
But take a different look-what do you see in 5 minutes, 5 months, 5 years, 10 years.
I know for me if I could I would keep my children safe and in my house and in my arms for the rest of my life because the world is so harsh and cruel.
In 5 minutes I will probably decide to actually get dressed and run errands. I do not want to but I have to. In 5 months, we will begin the birthdays-Bryan is March, Shawn in April, and Kathy in June. So we will be planning parties and enjoying hopefully much warmer weather and spring will be here. In 5 years- I will hopefully be doing my counseling thing, writing several chidlren's books on dealing with several topics that children will face. Hopefully one child can read my book and know that the mistakes I made can be prevented and the key to that prevention is in her hand now she just has to use it. Kathy will be 12 years old. She will be strongwilled, independednt and think she knows it all. Shawn will be 8 years old and way psat the time of rocking and fun afternoons playing all day. He will be curious but too old to kiss me goodnight or goodbye.
Bryan and I will have been married for 13 years. WOW! That is mind-blowing.
But in 10 years-I hope to have my own crisis center for Children only. I want to have an unbelievable relationship with my children. Kathy will be 17-and I will be there the entire time holding her hand and making sure she understands that there are consequences. I will catch her if she falls but she will have to learn to pick herself up. She will be getting ready to leave me and embarq on a journey that I will not be a part of daily. She will be busy running around and stirring up trouble. Shawn-my little man-he will be 13. I will become dorky mom again, and he will discover that there are tons of princesses out there trying to steal him from me. And I will have to sit back and watch him and let his daddy take over the man teaching.
Bryan and I will have been married 18 years. Who knows what that can do to a marriage. But what I hope is that we are best friends and cannot go to bed without saying good night and a kiss. I hope we are more patient with one another, and understanding. I hope that we are more sympathetic to one another's needs. I hope we are still walking around holding hands and showing our children that marriage is great and fun and is forever. There is no out except death and not by murder either lol. I hope to show them how wonderful it is to always have your friend right there.

Go ahead try to picture it-it will scare you more and you will want to go have a flashback and press pause.

Hollar later

Monday, November 24, 2008


WOW- it has been a very fast paced couple of weeks.
Let me say since the last time I posted it has been busy. I went to the doctor and discovered I lost 9 more pounds. I am really feeling it and it is really getting harder to lose. But I am working and giving it my all. Gosh I have almost lost 28 pounds total in a little less than 3 months.
Next, we have almost ripped all carpet out of our home. I hate carpet. We have redone the living room, hallway, one bathroom and refloored Kathy's bedroom also. Now remember I am ADD-I never finish a project before beginning a new one. SO it's been crazy. But it is finanlly coming together.

Now these are just a few for now, and as I said the rooms are not done but coming along rather nicely I think.
Then there are the holidays, I am looking forward to some time just hanging out with my kids and breathing. But of course I will still be doing my school work-which I am just almost to the point of thinking I was nuts for doing this. But I know in the end it will be worth it-but still-I am tired.
Shawn is lovely and growing everyday. The things he says really just blow my mind. He has this new thing when he gets into a story ever like 3rd or 4th word is "Oh and". I just love it. Kathy is all drama-love listening to her talk. She sounds like she has life all figured out-oh to be 7 again. She brought home her report card on Friday-she has brought up every grade at least 5 points. I am so proud of her and how hard she is working. She is so smart, it just is a little harder for her than for others.
Today I went back into work. It was my first time in a professional setting in like 2 and half years. I felt so out of place. I substitute taught 4th graders today. WOW-I haven't been around kids like that age since we left Foster's Home. It made me realize just how much I miss my kids and wonder about them and pray that they are safe out there in that big scary world. I pray that they are using what they were taught, and that they listened to what I said and learned from my mistakes. I pray that they are making good of their mess and making it their own message.
Ok we also had the kids tumbling competition this past weekend. Momma came down and gave me the best picture and clock for our home. I love it and it looks great. The kids did fantastic this weekend.
Shawn competed for the first time and brought home two silver medals! He was so cute and little. Kathy finally landed that First Place Gold in floor. She landed her cartwheel and everything looked fantatstic. She was so ecstatic-pictures of that next time. Mom and I did some christmas shopping. I really am going very simple this year with my kids. It is not about money and presents and all that. Sure it is nice, but come on-I also found the toys that I cannot wait to give my precious nephews. Mom and I had a great visit. I wish she could have stayed longer.
It was a great weekend. Now Shawn is gone and we will see him again on Wednesday. He went with my mom to Bryan's dads. My mother bought Shawn popcorn to eat for a snack on the way home. Shawn told her "Nana-Im not suppose to eat in your truck. If my momma asks if I ate in your truck, I not gonna say a word." My mom said " I think that is a good idea."
That little stinker. He really is a good kid-just curious. He just has to know how things work.
Well other than that I had a small accident last week while working out. I was doing the laterall pull and asked a friend to add more weight to it and to hand me the bar when she was done. She agreed and when she went to remove the pin-the bar fell from the pulley and hit me on the front part of my head. It knocked me out for a minute. I had a small-slight concussion from it. I do feel better now but it was rough.
Well that is all for now, keep you posted-hollar next time and

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Next Appointment

Ok so I am now down to 206.
I feel so frustrated. I have my next appointment this Friday and I have lost some but I am so close to one of my goals I am trying to push myself to lose those 6 pounds by Friday-any fast weightloss ideas let me have em!
The past like 2weeks have been the hardest for me. I do not like this weather change and time change. Usually I look forward to this time change but for some reason it is not the same as in the past.
The halloween candy has got to go. The bite size 3 musketeers, snickers, and twix bars are the culprits and I am not happy about it. I also went out with some friends and we all decided we were going to have something against our diet that night-well I shared the molten lava chocolate ice cream thing from chillis with everyone. That was big trouble. I have not had chocolate in forever and it was ooh soo good.
I did work out double the night before and since then.
I tried on this shirt-kind of the shirt I am gaging my weight loss in-I bought it in August. I said I will wear this in like 4 months. It is a juniors extra large. Today I put it on-it was the very first time I could actually wear it and be comfortable in it. I still feel I need more room in the front but the arms and the chest and sides it fits great. Just this dang tummy.
Here is a picture of me in it.

Well I have to get back to life and have a list a mile long so hollar later.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Ok well I have to say that life really is interesting.
I have recieved several complaints considering my last post so let me see if I can clear up the confusion.

First of all-I am a Christian and I am a strong believer in the bible and what it says. I do not make my own interpreations-I read it then follow it to the very best of my ability. Yes I fail and yes I mess up. I am sorry. But I do ask for forgiveness and try try again.
Second-this country was built on the values and morals of Christianity. And if you choose to be aitheistic then that is fine-go ahead but leave the ones alone that believe in God and believe that certain things are just wrong.
Third-I do not pass judgement. I love all people-I just hate the sin. Yes some of God's creations are better off stufted but it is not my place to judge just state how I feel and where that feeling stems from.
I think I have the right to state my opinion just as everyone else in the world. I am not saying I am better than no one and I have never believed that I am better than anyone. And I never will.
But if those who disagree with where I stand on issues are hurt I am sorry but I do not let your views cause me pain and hurt me. It is opinion.
Sorry about the offense but I do feel the way I feel and I will let you feel what you feel.
I'm tired of having your views shoved down my throat but hardly ever say anything about it because I cannot change the way one feels. So I agree to disagree and let it be.

Hollar Amber

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picking the RIGHT leader!

Today I have spent my time with Shawn and silently praying and thinking about our country that we live in.
I look at how proud we should be of it and how we really have never had it hard like some countries.
Then I think of those who have died for our freedom and wonder what they would think of today as everyone is electing a new leader. This election is by far the scariest one I have seen.
One reason is because it is no longer just about the issues of money, healthcare, abortion and things like that.
It is about soo much more like race, sexism, age prejudice, not being a Christian, not being an American, having ties with the religion that killed so many of our own innocent people not long ago.
I am proud that America has come so far as to even let a man that is not white to even think of running. I am proud that it is allowing a woman on the ballot and giving her a chance to show that we are being given a chance.
I am not proud that we are turning our backs on our values that this country was built on. How can we even think about letting a person into our office to lead us that does not have a clue about what the Bible says. He was raised in a religion that hates and is raised to kill those who do not believe the way they do. We have seen people killed for the religion that he was raised in. Ok so he claims he is not at all that way-whatever! The man has friends that have claimed to be ashamed of being in this country. Our fallen soldiers are crying today that we as a country would stand for that.
No I am not saying that everything John McCain has said is wonderful either but at least I know he has always been proud of America and was not raised to hate America and it's values. I know that this race has not been about issues. I say he went to war for us, he knows what being American is worth and will defend that even to the death-he proved that by surviving what he has.
It has been about black vs white. Man vs woman. Old vs young.
Ok here is what I do know-any person running should always be proud of this country no matter what. Any person running should have at least been inlisted and knows what it's like to sacrifice your life for the country. Any person running should rise above and not do personal attacks. Any person running needs to take a look back-and go back to what this country was built on-The Bible.
I am tired of hearing the talk: He is too old. He is unqualified. She is stupid. She can't do the job because it will neglect the handicapped child in her life. If anything that child will get the best care it will ever have and it could start shedding light one what mental retardation and downsyndrome is.
Pray that the right man who is elected will first pray to God and let God have control over the country again. And not try to take him off money, pledge of allegiance. Pray that we become a country that once again looks down on abortion, divorce, homosexuality and allows us control over our homes and children.
Ok I'm done ranting and I am sorry but I do not hate either canidate and do not mean to offend anyone but it is my freedom of speech. I just hope that I still have that tonight.

Hollar later!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I had to add these! They are the best!

This is Shawn as Raggedy Andy This is Kathy as Raggedy Ann These two are very hard to seperate. I hope they stay this close forever.

Call me prejudice but I just think he is the cutest thing. Oh and so is she-just precious!
This is my family. The ones that have saved me from me! This man is amazing and does the most amazing things for me. Anytime I am down-I just look at these two smiles and it really turns it around. Today was fun. I couldnt help it- I got camera happy and took some great shots of the kids in full costume-face painted and all.
It was so much fun watching them together today. Today is a day I will forever hold in my heart and never forget!
I think they are the best rag dolls ever.
Hollar later

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok here is a pound update. When I went to the doctor the other day I was at 214. Last night and this morning when I weighed I was at 208. We are almost at my first goal weight. YIPEE!

Hey this weekend I am sure is going to be a blast.

At least a major improvement from last weekend. For it is time for tricking and mostly treating. YEA! But I think my kids will be the best dressed on our street. Their faces will be made up like the actual ragdoll.
I have been begging Kathy to do this since Shawn was 1. I told her this is the last time I will ask if she will do it-I will let her pick what she wants to be from now on. She finally agreed. Better pictures will be taken this weekend.
Shawn loves his and I think he just looks perfect.
Kathy's is precious on her. It is such a cute outfit and she actually is having fun dressing up as Raggedy Ann.
Well I just thought I would post this. Probably no more thoughts till next week.
Hollar later

Monday, October 27, 2008

I hate Monday

I know that many of you do. I mean who wants the weekend to stop and then have to get back to work or school or back to the week routine. Mondays are the worst for me.
I find that it is the day that I want to sleep in on, or just sleep through.
When that alarm goes off at 6:30-I tend to hit snooze more on this day than anyother day of the week. I usually tend to run late to everything on this day too. I do not understand it.
I hate scheduling anything for monday-no doctor appointments no play dates.
I sit around til about noon then we eat and I put Shawn down for a nap then I begin cleaning up things like the kids rooms washing sheets and cleaning bathrooms and vaccuming everything then cleaning the kitchen. Then I look up its time to get Kathy and rush home do snacks, get changed hop in the car to be at tumbling that starts at 5pm and we get home about 7:15 and have supper. Then bath -book -bed! Then I usually go walk and do other exercises outside or inside which ever one that works.
It's just Monday mornings that I try to prolong. My favorite thing is to come home from dropping Kathy off, sit in the recliner in my sweats and cuddle up with Shawn and watch cartoons like sesame street and curious george and so on. By the time Handy Manny rolls around I am ready.
Shawn really is awesome and helps me get going but he really just cuddles and he just talks to me and as long as I answer I dont have to open my eyes.
Yep well I better get ontop of today's schedule but I hate MONDAYS!
Talk soon

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Since I have had kids there are so many things I learn daily and I kick myself for not knowing before hand. So I just wanted to shed some light.
I was the lucky one-I was shown from the beginning the work and life of Jesus and the power one holds in being a believer and a Christian. I am not going to give up it just angers me at times.
I was the lucky one that got the good home and the second chance.
It stinks that when you are a child that you are not capapble of realizing how good you had it. That it takes growing up and then hearing for the rest of your life how horrible you were as a kid and how you messed up everything. I cant erase the past but I can guarentee that I am different and have learned great lessons since and I am sorry for the past. I am very sorry.
I wish that there were a way to press rewind and watch somethings as an adult and then go in and edit and fix the problems so everyone's life would be perfect and up to that person's standards.
I often look at my children and think "I could never give you up." You couldn't pay me enough of anything to walk away and let someone else raise them. Let someone else hear them laugh. Let someone else wipe tears away and make the hurt stop. I understand( DO NOT ACCEPT) why
kids are given away or abandoned. But you have no right to even have the privelege to have a child if you are not willing to give up the selfish crap and turn to your child and do all you can that is right by them. NO EXCUSE! They are worth more than that.
I am grateful more and more everyday for my second chance. I wish I could have proved that as a kid. I just wish others had been given my second chance to understand where I come from and why I feel the way I feel.
Ok sorry didn't mean to rant but sometimes you just have to scream!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YEA! 14 down and many more to go!

So I went to the doctor on Friday. I should have posted sooner but it's been busy on the homefront. Since I have begun this a month ago as of Friday I have lost 14 pounds but since Friday afternoon I have lost 2 more.
I also ripped my guest bathroom apart. Put wood trim and painted it and got it all going. It has been busy. We also have ripped up the carpet in hallway and layed wood down. Eventually I want all carpet gone! And all animals. This is driving me crazy. I finally bought a big pin to lock the dogs up in. We just have to fix it to where they are seperated. I feel bad because I love having them around soo much but really they can still come in just not all day and every day. It will be a very hard transitions for my pampered bostons but they will survive.
Kat is well. She is having a few learning disabilities that are very frustrating to me. You know when you have kids you hope that the kids didn't get any of the dumb genes from you or bad habits. Well Kat was not so lucky she inherited my dyslexia. Except hers is a bit more extreme. She is smart though and can do this. It's just really hard to watch as a parent knowing that you went through it and it wasn't so fun and now you know the road that is a head of her and it's a bit heartbreaking. But it will be okay. Life with dyslexia isn't all that bad. Sure we turn left instead of right or write a few letters backwards-it keeps life interesting. LOL This is me trying to keep it positive so go with me.
I remember growing up my cousin sang this song "dyslexia" and it fit me perfect. I felt like someone finally understood me. I need him to sing that for her maybe it will make her understand that she isn't the only one.
Shawn is home now and is getting back into routine. He is exhausted and has learned so much while he was gone. He has told me alot of good stories like about the chickens flogging him.
Well let you know more when I know more. Take Care
Hollar later

Thursday, October 16, 2008

weighing in

So tomorrow is a big day. It will be my next check up with the doctor that I have been seeing so that I can see how much weight-exactly I have lost. I hope that it is somewhere around my goal. I have really worked so hard for this. I do not take failure very well. It is something I have to work on.
Most people it makes them work harder-me it knocks me down and makes me want to eat more. And that is dangerous.
I am a very emotional eater. I have not had anything but a three musketeers bar. They say it is the best chocolate bar for dieters-if that is possible. But I havent had my loaded milkshake with cherries and m&ms and tons of chocolate in forever. I do often crave them-that and sweet tea. I have had several children's cups but not too many.
I have made major improvements in my physical shape as far as a working out. I am very proud of that. I am running again a few straits on the track and I have missed that time with running.
Other than that, I am well. My son returned to me after being gone with grandparents for 9 days.
He had so much fun but I am glad that he is finally home. I do not feel normal when any of my children are gone.
I am enjoying seeing pictures of my two precious nephews who are making wonderful progress and have 2 wonderful parents waiting for them with lots of loving grandparents waiting to watch them grow up.
There was alot of fun in this week though with Shawn being gone. It gave me and Kathy some much needed bonding time and girl talk. I was able to break down some barriers and let her know that even though I am mom I can still have fun.
Well I have to get some sleep-so hollar later Amber Parker

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Firsts

So I have the most amazing and precious nephews. We could not be more blessed. When you look at these angels, you know that God has been watching them and protected them. Their mother did an awesome job getting them here.
I hear people talk about how small babies are and all that but until you witness it for yourself-you really do not get the full picture.
The tiny ears, and fingers. It truly is remarkable.
We cannot wait for the firsts to begin and to hear about it and laugh about all the things these two guys will do in years to come.
While I was there with family this past week, I stayed on my schedule and did not eat things I should not. That is a real test. If you have ever eaten out wit my dad then you know what I mean. You have to have the full course mean. But I restrained and did well. While I was gone I did not weigh. Before I left I did though and was at 212. But when I returned before bed that night I weighed and it was 210.5.
My doctor's appointment is on Friday and I am a bit nervous to see what his scales reveal. But I know I have lost some I can feel it in my clothes.
House remodeling is in full swing and a bit annoying. Bryan and I can't seem to hardly agree on anything in this area. When we do find something we both like it's either impossible or to expensive! GRRR!
Well I will keep trying and hope to make more progress through the week.
Hollar later

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As many of you know I have been working really hard to
change many things.
Some say I am changing too much at once and it is overwhelming and hard to get use to. But so far I am happy in the direction in my life. For the first time in a long time, I am not just a wife or a mom. I am finally getting me and understanding how to control me and get me out there.
I love the colors brown, blue and tan. I love a lot of different colors but when I saw this I had to have it. This is my new bed. I am redoing my entire bedroom around this color scheme. My kids are no long allowed to just go into my room. Children wakened by nightmares-occasionally will still sneak in-but that won't last forever. I have NO DOGS ALLOWED.
This is my place to breathe and unwind and write or sleep or just sit.
I am doing well for the most part. I am really revisiting a lot of my past hobbies that I am beginning to have time for again. Things are finding their places and hopefully doors will open up to me soon in other areas.
The kids are growing fast and everything is either loud and dramatic, fast and happy, or everyone is asleep(my favorite time!)
I am also getting ready to destroy Shawn's bathroom and put new sink, new lighting, painting and just really making it what I want. That feels good-doing what you want to whatever part of the house you want and having not to wait and ask for permission from a landlord.
Then we are ripping up carpet slowly-room by room. I am sick of it. The floor I want really will be nicer and cleaner and easier.
I just really am at a part of my life where I want it organized and neat and simple. Finally it took me 25 years but I am here. Better late than never. In high school I was organized-my room everything had a place. But over the years I have had bigger fish to fry.
Bryan is well. He is working and trying to enjoy his new schedule of coming home earlier and hanging out with the kids. It is nice to see him happy again.
Well that is all. I will post more pics when changes are made. And coming soon a monthly picture of me before life change and after and even more after hopefully where I look a lot smaller.

Talk later

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Progress being made

I am so impressed on how well I am doing on this whole new life thing. I forgot how much fun it was to run and exercise. I use to love it so much and now I remember why.
So I really do not see much physical progress but I do see a difference in my clothing. A big difference and that is exciting. I really have no clue how much I have lost I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. On my scales it says like 13 pounds. But I doubt it is that much.
Friends say they can tell in several different places like my face. I sure hope so. Something better be slimming down.
Like I said I can really tell in clothing. I was going to wear one of my favorite blouses to church on Sunday and Bryan told me not to wear it again because it was to baggy and it looked to big. So that was exciting.
I will keep you posted as time passes on.
I hope to at least lose 8 before the two weeks is up. That is 4 a week-not too much.
Hollar back soon! Amber


In today's world there is so many things that are just wrong. The way we treat one another, the way we talk to one another. The way we want to remove morals and conscience from our every day lives so that our choices do not bother us.
The problem is that all choices do matter and they are all important.
People change and we are suppose to forgive them. Forgiving is an easy thing in my eyes but forgetting I think is there for our protection.
There are dangerous people in this world if we forgot what all the horrible things one did then how could we protect ourselves or even our own children.
When one becomes a victim-not by choice-you cannot expect them to be okay with someone 1 year, 3 years or even 8 years later. The damages is done. That person's personality and life goals and dreams are destroyed. That person will not ever be the same in any way.
SO when that person grows up to be a mother. She will remember and know what led up to certain things and make sure that those things will not enter her children and their lives. Some call her over protective some say she is crazy. But in her heart only she knows the danger that can be ahead and how to prevent them.
Don't judge until you know where she has been and you might learn something about yourself or those around you. Things you may not want to believe but have to. Obviously something happened to form this person to be who they are. Obviously listening may be the only way to see the truth. because you never know what is really in front of you.
When that person goes through everything to keep her and her loved ones protected don't judge her or say she is lying.
Were you there-were you watching quietly while it all happened? Were you a tool that would have made all the difference to this person had you stood up and said "wait-you can't do that!"
Standing there saying nothing makes you as guilty as the one who committed the crime. Silence is a quiet way of saying "It's okay-I accept it."

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey okay- so i have been on this new "way of life" thing, and it has been odd.
For the past 4 months I have been walking for like 30 minutes a day with friends. And trying different things. Nothing has been working. So I am trying it differently this time-with a doctor's help and guidance.I saw the doctor on Tuesday and began it Wednesday morning.
So today is Saturday-it has been raining and windy all day long. Today is hard. My favorite thing on days like this is load up with blankets and movies and tons of ice cream and cookies.
I have been doing this for 4 days. It has been really hard.
I have taken the pills and I am back at that nervous feeling. I hope to be use to it by next week. I have also upped my walking from just in the morning to nights also. I am doing a walking path in the mornings and the track at night. I have cut all my servings by more than half and no seconds. I have upped my water intake to 8 bottles a day. I have had (the kid's plastic cups) 2 half-cups of tea all week long.

So there is where I stand for now and hope to see a difference in clothes at least in a week or two.
Hollar more later-Amber

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok so I have been married now for almost a full 8 years. I have been a mom for 7 of those years.

Being a mom is great and I love the job. My children are definitely one of my heroes. But as a stay at home mom, I think I am able to say that we tend to forget there is a whole big world out there waiting for mothers to conquer. It is scary after staying for 7 years to go and even try getting a job or making friends. It is a new adventure.
Another thing that we tend to do as stay at home moms is gain weight. We eat what the kids do, play watch television with them. Yea and clean up and all of that good stuff. But what happens when the husband comes home and you and him want to go eat alone. YIKES you go to the closet and it's either t-shirts with cartoon characters on them( I have a ton of Eeyore) and sweats and wind pants or Capri pants. So we try to dress like an adult and then we look in the mirror and we do not recognize ourselves. You have put on weight. You have lost touch with fashion. Well guys I am there and I have to get past this. since high school.
when I met Bryan. I was 17 years old. I was exactly 103. Ran daily, ate hardly anything(except my chocolate), diet cokes and water were all I drank. And I showered at least 3 times a day.
I am now way over that. I am now two of me. And then some! YUCK! There are several times I have tried dieting or walking and I just get tired of it or something comes up. But not this time. Join me in learning to live better for my kids and help encourage me to loose at least 2-4 pounds a week over the next 10 weeks. If at 10 weeks I have done something great then I will attempt another 10 weeks. If not then I will try something new.

Today is a new way of life. No white bread, no chocolate, no sweet tea, no ketchup, no greasy hamburgers, no pizza, no ice cream. All of it is gone.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I am amazed at how fast this summer has passed by.
I am three weeks away from finishing my college math classes. YIPEE no more math or so we hope anyway.
Kathy is gone again-this time with my mom. I think she is getting tired though because when I talk to her she mentions coming home or how long til I come home.
Shawn really misses her when she is gone. I really hate splitting them up-it makes them both sad. You don't realize how much they rely on one another til they are separated.
Bryan is working hard and cant wait til we go to the lake in August so he can just breathe. I second that.
We put the pool up and Shawn absolutely loves it. He is like a fish.
Well that is all for now and let you know more late.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok so we had Kathy's birthday party on the 4th of July. I have to say that this was the most fun I have had on the 4th in a really long time. My mom and dad and aunt and uncler went with us to watch a firework display in Stephenville along with a few church friends.
It was nice to hear my family having fun. The kids played on blankets as my mom and dad really liked what they saw. That is what I like-just watching them have fun together.
It is really strange now but here in the past year I am seeing things from a different perspective. There were times when it didnt bother me when my parents left or I left them but its beginning to change-now I want them to stay for several days and just go doing things. The kids love them and I want them to hang out and have fun with them as much as they can.
Other than that-summer is in full swing. The next few weeks are going to be packed full of water and zoo trips and park trips and maybe a few picnics. We have several waterparks around us that are cheap and little people friendly.
Plus more family time-as much as possible. I dont know if I will go home or not but I do hope they come here again before summer is up. I am thinkin of having an end of summer bash at my house and just having all of the family over-IDK NOT SURE yet.

School is hard on me right now. I thought I would enjoy philosophy but I am really beginning to hate it and rather take a math class. My brain hurts.
Well that is all for now. Hollar back soon.

The Parkes

Friday, June 27, 2008

So these past few weeks have been fast paced. I went home to go to churchcamp. Let me just say that camp is hard now that I have gotten use to having constant access to things when ever Iwant. I hate no cellphone service. And no internet is not any easier. Not to mention no hot water, or the closest starbucks is almost a full 2 hours away.
My daughter is now 7 years old. I am so not okay here. She is growing up way to fast and it is hard for me to let go and watch her fall and make mistakes. I know she has too, but-I dont like it. One thing is for sure, Kathy and Shawn are still very close and love to be together. When they are not together, Shawn misses her. He asks for her. I hope they remain close.
Right now-they are gone until the 4th of July. I have talked daily with them and they are having so much fun. Shawn is growing up and talking like a grown up. I do miss them but I know how important it is for them to both be with grandparents. They are very important in children's lives and help make sure they have fun and implant little things.
SO that is aboutall here, nothin new. Things are starting to calm down hope it stays that way.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laugh out loud

This school year has been interesting but soo glad that is over. Today was a good day for Kat.
She was given the best, most contagious laugh award. I know that it isnt like the "A" honor roll award but this is much better to me-I now know that others are affected by her incredible and hilarious laugh and smile.
If you ever get to hear it-cherish it as I do I hope you will anyway.
She also did get the A&B Honor roll, and a reading award. I am soo proud of all that she has accomplished and she has grown soo much.
And Shawn has finally learned ALL his ABC's now we just have to get the letters memorized and write his name.

Now here's to the summer. I hope that it is filled with lots of laughs, popsicle grins, late nights of fireflies and cuddling.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Family is always a precious jewel

Sometimes there are things that happen that make you take a huge step back from the whole picture. Unfortunately, this past month has been full of those kinds of times.

We have had several accidents occur, several deaths happen. It never fails the people that these times bring together never ceases to amaze me. Let us never forget that our family is a huge importance and we should let one another know how much they mean to one another. But we do not have to wait til things like things like this happen.
Tell them you love them-big and small.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once agian we are shown how sweet and precious life really is.
We lost a cousin this week in a car accident and I am still asking myself how does this happen. I am wondering why it is important to only get the entire family together for a funeral or a wedding but NO ONE comes to family reunions. Why is it we can talk to each other like we really care only at funerals and not everytime we talk.

Family is something that can be taken away almost in a blink of an eye. We all should become better about keeping in touch and just calling to say I love you instead of waiting a year and saying 'oh thought I would call because cousin jim died."

just a thought to ponder.

Think about it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This week has been a bit difficult trying to sort through all of the mishaps in life.
My dad and brother could have been seriously injured or more this past weekend while they were in a wreck. Luckily, they are breathing and walking and still function. I would say back to normal but the only normal one in the group I would say is my brother lol. He is an eagle surrounded by turkeys.
Then one of my brother in law's was in a motorcycle accident and gave us another scare-luckily he is alive too. His leg may not feel so great after the little adventure but it's still attached.

Its just a small reminder of how quick life and plans can change. We really should just go to bed every night being thankful that we are alive and those that we love will see another day. It may be a painful day but at least our hearts are still beating and we can still feel the sun and fresh breeze on our skin.

Think about it people AND BUCKLE UP ALWAYS!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New House

So we bought this house and it is great. It is a 5 bedroom 3 bath. We are all excited and thrilled to have this opportunity. Bryan and I never thought we would have our own home. So it is a double wide so what. It is big and perfect for us.

School started back for me. Kathy is about to start baseball and be done with 1st grade. Shawn is about to turn 3 and will start tumbling in May and start preschool in August. Bryan is still just working really hard for us.

The weather is starting to warm up so that is nice. I hate cold weather. My cat had kittens like 5 days after moving in. We got a new Boston terrier puppy that is so cute and funny. Her name is Miss. Lilly. At first Lucky and her weren't really good friends but now they are getting to become great friends.

Holler back soon.
The Parkers

Monday, March 10, 2008

The First Thought

So many of my friends and family have a blog world. I got to thinking about one. And it finally hit me that this is so much better than actually mailing out a family newsletter or a huge email with tons of attachments.
My life is getting busy as a wife, a mother, a student, and just as a person. And there are several who are interested in what is happening in our daily lives. So for your enjoyment we proudly introduce you to our family blog site.
Feel free to check it daily, monthly or yearly. Have a great one and hope you have fun.

The Parkers