Thursday, October 30, 2008

I had to add these! They are the best!

This is Shawn as Raggedy Andy This is Kathy as Raggedy Ann These two are very hard to seperate. I hope they stay this close forever.

Call me prejudice but I just think he is the cutest thing. Oh and so is she-just precious!
This is my family. The ones that have saved me from me! This man is amazing and does the most amazing things for me. Anytime I am down-I just look at these two smiles and it really turns it around. Today was fun. I couldnt help it- I got camera happy and took some great shots of the kids in full costume-face painted and all.
It was so much fun watching them together today. Today is a day I will forever hold in my heart and never forget!
I think they are the best rag dolls ever.
Hollar later

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok here is a pound update. When I went to the doctor the other day I was at 214. Last night and this morning when I weighed I was at 208. We are almost at my first goal weight. YIPEE!

Hey this weekend I am sure is going to be a blast.

At least a major improvement from last weekend. For it is time for tricking and mostly treating. YEA! But I think my kids will be the best dressed on our street. Their faces will be made up like the actual ragdoll.
I have been begging Kathy to do this since Shawn was 1. I told her this is the last time I will ask if she will do it-I will let her pick what she wants to be from now on. She finally agreed. Better pictures will be taken this weekend.
Shawn loves his and I think he just looks perfect.
Kathy's is precious on her. It is such a cute outfit and she actually is having fun dressing up as Raggedy Ann.
Well I just thought I would post this. Probably no more thoughts till next week.
Hollar later

Monday, October 27, 2008

I hate Monday

I know that many of you do. I mean who wants the weekend to stop and then have to get back to work or school or back to the week routine. Mondays are the worst for me.
I find that it is the day that I want to sleep in on, or just sleep through.
When that alarm goes off at 6:30-I tend to hit snooze more on this day than anyother day of the week. I usually tend to run late to everything on this day too. I do not understand it.
I hate scheduling anything for monday-no doctor appointments no play dates.
I sit around til about noon then we eat and I put Shawn down for a nap then I begin cleaning up things like the kids rooms washing sheets and cleaning bathrooms and vaccuming everything then cleaning the kitchen. Then I look up its time to get Kathy and rush home do snacks, get changed hop in the car to be at tumbling that starts at 5pm and we get home about 7:15 and have supper. Then bath -book -bed! Then I usually go walk and do other exercises outside or inside which ever one that works.
It's just Monday mornings that I try to prolong. My favorite thing is to come home from dropping Kathy off, sit in the recliner in my sweats and cuddle up with Shawn and watch cartoons like sesame street and curious george and so on. By the time Handy Manny rolls around I am ready.
Shawn really is awesome and helps me get going but he really just cuddles and he just talks to me and as long as I answer I dont have to open my eyes.
Yep well I better get ontop of today's schedule but I hate MONDAYS!
Talk soon

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Since I have had kids there are so many things I learn daily and I kick myself for not knowing before hand. So I just wanted to shed some light.
I was the lucky one-I was shown from the beginning the work and life of Jesus and the power one holds in being a believer and a Christian. I am not going to give up it just angers me at times.
I was the lucky one that got the good home and the second chance.
It stinks that when you are a child that you are not capapble of realizing how good you had it. That it takes growing up and then hearing for the rest of your life how horrible you were as a kid and how you messed up everything. I cant erase the past but I can guarentee that I am different and have learned great lessons since and I am sorry for the past. I am very sorry.
I wish that there were a way to press rewind and watch somethings as an adult and then go in and edit and fix the problems so everyone's life would be perfect and up to that person's standards.
I often look at my children and think "I could never give you up." You couldn't pay me enough of anything to walk away and let someone else raise them. Let someone else hear them laugh. Let someone else wipe tears away and make the hurt stop. I understand( DO NOT ACCEPT) why
kids are given away or abandoned. But you have no right to even have the privelege to have a child if you are not willing to give up the selfish crap and turn to your child and do all you can that is right by them. NO EXCUSE! They are worth more than that.
I am grateful more and more everyday for my second chance. I wish I could have proved that as a kid. I just wish others had been given my second chance to understand where I come from and why I feel the way I feel.
Ok sorry didn't mean to rant but sometimes you just have to scream!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

YEA! 14 down and many more to go!

So I went to the doctor on Friday. I should have posted sooner but it's been busy on the homefront. Since I have begun this a month ago as of Friday I have lost 14 pounds but since Friday afternoon I have lost 2 more.
I also ripped my guest bathroom apart. Put wood trim and painted it and got it all going. It has been busy. We also have ripped up the carpet in hallway and layed wood down. Eventually I want all carpet gone! And all animals. This is driving me crazy. I finally bought a big pin to lock the dogs up in. We just have to fix it to where they are seperated. I feel bad because I love having them around soo much but really they can still come in just not all day and every day. It will be a very hard transitions for my pampered bostons but they will survive.
Kat is well. She is having a few learning disabilities that are very frustrating to me. You know when you have kids you hope that the kids didn't get any of the dumb genes from you or bad habits. Well Kat was not so lucky she inherited my dyslexia. Except hers is a bit more extreme. She is smart though and can do this. It's just really hard to watch as a parent knowing that you went through it and it wasn't so fun and now you know the road that is a head of her and it's a bit heartbreaking. But it will be okay. Life with dyslexia isn't all that bad. Sure we turn left instead of right or write a few letters backwards-it keeps life interesting. LOL This is me trying to keep it positive so go with me.
I remember growing up my cousin sang this song "dyslexia" and it fit me perfect. I felt like someone finally understood me. I need him to sing that for her maybe it will make her understand that she isn't the only one.
Shawn is home now and is getting back into routine. He is exhausted and has learned so much while he was gone. He has told me alot of good stories like about the chickens flogging him.
Well let you know more when I know more. Take Care
Hollar later

Thursday, October 16, 2008

weighing in

So tomorrow is a big day. It will be my next check up with the doctor that I have been seeing so that I can see how much weight-exactly I have lost. I hope that it is somewhere around my goal. I have really worked so hard for this. I do not take failure very well. It is something I have to work on.
Most people it makes them work harder-me it knocks me down and makes me want to eat more. And that is dangerous.
I am a very emotional eater. I have not had anything but a three musketeers bar. They say it is the best chocolate bar for dieters-if that is possible. But I havent had my loaded milkshake with cherries and m&ms and tons of chocolate in forever. I do often crave them-that and sweet tea. I have had several children's cups but not too many.
I have made major improvements in my physical shape as far as a working out. I am very proud of that. I am running again a few straits on the track and I have missed that time with running.
Other than that, I am well. My son returned to me after being gone with grandparents for 9 days.
He had so much fun but I am glad that he is finally home. I do not feel normal when any of my children are gone.
I am enjoying seeing pictures of my two precious nephews who are making wonderful progress and have 2 wonderful parents waiting for them with lots of loving grandparents waiting to watch them grow up.
There was alot of fun in this week though with Shawn being gone. It gave me and Kathy some much needed bonding time and girl talk. I was able to break down some barriers and let her know that even though I am mom I can still have fun.
Well I have to get some sleep-so hollar later Amber Parker

Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Firsts

So I have the most amazing and precious nephews. We could not be more blessed. When you look at these angels, you know that God has been watching them and protected them. Their mother did an awesome job getting them here.
I hear people talk about how small babies are and all that but until you witness it for yourself-you really do not get the full picture.
The tiny ears, and fingers. It truly is remarkable.
We cannot wait for the firsts to begin and to hear about it and laugh about all the things these two guys will do in years to come.
While I was there with family this past week, I stayed on my schedule and did not eat things I should not. That is a real test. If you have ever eaten out wit my dad then you know what I mean. You have to have the full course mean. But I restrained and did well. While I was gone I did not weigh. Before I left I did though and was at 212. But when I returned before bed that night I weighed and it was 210.5.
My doctor's appointment is on Friday and I am a bit nervous to see what his scales reveal. But I know I have lost some I can feel it in my clothes.
House remodeling is in full swing and a bit annoying. Bryan and I can't seem to hardly agree on anything in this area. When we do find something we both like it's either impossible or to expensive! GRRR!
Well I will keep trying and hope to make more progress through the week.
Hollar later

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


As many of you know I have been working really hard to
change many things.
Some say I am changing too much at once and it is overwhelming and hard to get use to. But so far I am happy in the direction in my life. For the first time in a long time, I am not just a wife or a mom. I am finally getting me and understanding how to control me and get me out there.
I love the colors brown, blue and tan. I love a lot of different colors but when I saw this I had to have it. This is my new bed. I am redoing my entire bedroom around this color scheme. My kids are no long allowed to just go into my room. Children wakened by nightmares-occasionally will still sneak in-but that won't last forever. I have NO DOGS ALLOWED.
This is my place to breathe and unwind and write or sleep or just sit.
I am doing well for the most part. I am really revisiting a lot of my past hobbies that I am beginning to have time for again. Things are finding their places and hopefully doors will open up to me soon in other areas.
The kids are growing fast and everything is either loud and dramatic, fast and happy, or everyone is asleep(my favorite time!)
I am also getting ready to destroy Shawn's bathroom and put new sink, new lighting, painting and just really making it what I want. That feels good-doing what you want to whatever part of the house you want and having not to wait and ask for permission from a landlord.
Then we are ripping up carpet slowly-room by room. I am sick of it. The floor I want really will be nicer and cleaner and easier.
I just really am at a part of my life where I want it organized and neat and simple. Finally it took me 25 years but I am here. Better late than never. In high school I was organized-my room everything had a place. But over the years I have had bigger fish to fry.
Bryan is well. He is working and trying to enjoy his new schedule of coming home earlier and hanging out with the kids. It is nice to see him happy again.
Well that is all. I will post more pics when changes are made. And coming soon a monthly picture of me before life change and after and even more after hopefully where I look a lot smaller.

Talk later