Friday, January 30, 2009

A little better and Another surprise!

Ok so I am feeling somewhat better. I cannot believe on how painful this really is. I never dreamed it would be so horrid and I am getting to where I can walk around and not die from pain.
I had to go to my weight doctor today and to my surprise I lost 5 more pounds today. Okay so I ate more than normal the past month and I also have not had time to walk or run bleachers or ride the bike at the gym due to all the junk going on around here. But I am still doing okay. I cannot wait til I am back to my full work out capability-I miss it.
Kat has recovered from strep throat.
Shawn is recovering well from pleurisy. Hopefully we will survive this winter without breathing treatments. If we do it will be the first winter in his life that we haven't been on the breathing treatments.
I am in finals this week-almost done with the associates part. Time has flown by and I am hoping I have the strength to finish this up-it is so hard do this with everything else in life.

Well that is all I know-hollar later-Amber

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OK so I have not had a productive week or month.

Monday night was going good until after supper. I was feeling a pain that was completely undeniably horrid. This was worse than labor pains. It stayed painful for the entire night, and all of Tuesday. Finally I call the doctor and after talking on and off all day he told me to to the E.R. .
After one blown vein in the hand-and a catscan and some morphine they discover that I have fluid in my pelvis. The doctor said that I had ruptured ovarian cysts.
I was in shock-so not what I expected. I have never felt anything this bad.
It will hurt for a few more days until my body absorbs the fluid and I am on pain pills. I am glad that the bad weather has kept Bryan home so that he could be with Shawn and Kat.
This was something that never crossed my mind of what could be wrong. I was completely blown away.
So anyways-now I am at home- resting and so frustrated because I have so much to do.
Anyways getting tired-hollar back later!

Amber Parker

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I love taking pictures it is the only way I can freeze that perfect moment-smile, outfit, or memory forever. Hope you enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the pics. We enjoyed taking them. More in a few weeks.
Hollar later



Children are great and have ways of making us see things in a different light.They are so innocent and have simple solutions. I often tell Kathy-"hey you better put that in a book so you don't forget."
When Bryan and I were houesparents we learned that children are smart and are taken for granted daily. They had all the answers to the world's biggest problems. At times we thought, we have got to write some of this stuff down.
For example- the other day with Kathy-we were discussing why she cannot ride the bus. I simply said "The bus isn't that great I rode the bus my entire school life except the years I was in Stephenville. There are kids on there that are gross and the bus driver will not watch you. Don't you like mom picking you up and asking you how you are and how was your day?" She takes a breath and answers me with "Well did you ever think that Hico Bus Systems are better than where ever you were when you rode the bus?"
YEP- I took a breath and paused and said "The answer is no. Next subject."
I was stunned.
My life is just now getting to normal. I am almost done with my associates in bussiness. I am losing weight finally. I am able to have friends and go do things. I finally have another job. No way could I do diapers right now or midnight feedings Everynight. We bought a house and are actually able to remodel it. We are enjoying the kids. I have always had an issue-yes the house needs to be cleaned-laundry needs to be done. That will be there during nap time, or bed time or before they wake. BUT they will not always want me to play with, or cuddle with, or to help wash their back. They do not last forever and I will not allow anything like dishes take away from doing a fashion show with barbies or making a cool Thomas the train track or watching the same snail for 30 minutes and listen to their voices and questions that come to their minds.
My man comes first-he will always be taken care of-he is fed, has clean clothes, clean bed, and does not want for anything-as long as he has snuff.
Then my children-I cannot allow myself at the end of the day to think-"I didn't do anything with them today."
I cannot get today back-that is one day that is gone from their childhood forever.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movies-Benjamin Button-Curiosity Over!

Last night I was able to sneak a way a bit a good friend and watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
This movie is not one everyone will love but it is a very different and weird movie.
I loved it.
It makes one think about aging and growing old in a whole different light. Yes very sad, yes Brad Pitt ends up looking pretty again. I am not a fan of his, never really have been. But I think this movie is different for him. It is not his typical movie.
Although it is 3 hours long, it has alot of interesting points to ponder.
I thought that the love scences were very modest considering it is Hollywood and they have this skin thing going. The language was still there in some parts. But overall-an improvement in the movies.
Hollar later