Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Progress being made

I am so impressed on how well I am doing on this whole new life thing. I forgot how much fun it was to run and exercise. I use to love it so much and now I remember why.
So I really do not see much physical progress but I do see a difference in my clothing. A big difference and that is exciting. I really have no clue how much I have lost I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks. On my scales it says like 13 pounds. But I doubt it is that much.
Friends say they can tell in several different places like my face. I sure hope so. Something better be slimming down.
Like I said I can really tell in clothing. I was going to wear one of my favorite blouses to church on Sunday and Bryan told me not to wear it again because it was to baggy and it looked to big. So that was exciting.
I will keep you posted as time passes on.
I hope to at least lose 8 before the two weeks is up. That is 4 a week-not too much.
Hollar back soon! Amber


In today's world there is so many things that are just wrong. The way we treat one another, the way we talk to one another. The way we want to remove morals and conscience from our every day lives so that our choices do not bother us.
The problem is that all choices do matter and they are all important.
People change and we are suppose to forgive them. Forgiving is an easy thing in my eyes but forgetting I think is there for our protection.
There are dangerous people in this world if we forgot what all the horrible things one did then how could we protect ourselves or even our own children.
When one becomes a victim-not by choice-you cannot expect them to be okay with someone 1 year, 3 years or even 8 years later. The damages is done. That person's personality and life goals and dreams are destroyed. That person will not ever be the same in any way.
SO when that person grows up to be a mother. She will remember and know what led up to certain things and make sure that those things will not enter her children and their lives. Some call her over protective some say she is crazy. But in her heart only she knows the danger that can be ahead and how to prevent them.
Don't judge until you know where she has been and you might learn something about yourself or those around you. Things you may not want to believe but have to. Obviously something happened to form this person to be who they are. Obviously listening may be the only way to see the truth. because you never know what is really in front of you.
When that person goes through everything to keep her and her loved ones protected don't judge her or say she is lying.
Were you there-were you watching quietly while it all happened? Were you a tool that would have made all the difference to this person had you stood up and said "wait-you can't do that!"
Standing there saying nothing makes you as guilty as the one who committed the crime. Silence is a quiet way of saying "It's okay-I accept it."

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hey okay- so i have been on this new "way of life" thing, and it has been odd.
For the past 4 months I have been walking for like 30 minutes a day with friends. And trying different things. Nothing has been working. So I am trying it differently this time-with a doctor's help and guidance.I saw the doctor on Tuesday and began it Wednesday morning.
So today is Saturday-it has been raining and windy all day long. Today is hard. My favorite thing on days like this is load up with blankets and movies and tons of ice cream and cookies.
I have been doing this for 4 days. It has been really hard.
I have taken the pills and I am back at that nervous feeling. I hope to be use to it by next week. I have also upped my walking from just in the morning to nights also. I am doing a walking path in the mornings and the track at night. I have cut all my servings by more than half and no seconds. I have upped my water intake to 8 bottles a day. I have had (the kid's plastic cups) 2 half-cups of tea all week long.

So there is where I stand for now and hope to see a difference in clothes at least in a week or two.
Hollar more later-Amber

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok so I have been married now for almost a full 8 years. I have been a mom for 7 of those years.

Being a mom is great and I love the job. My children are definitely one of my heroes. But as a stay at home mom, I think I am able to say that we tend to forget there is a whole big world out there waiting for mothers to conquer. It is scary after staying for 7 years to go and even try getting a job or making friends. It is a new adventure.
Another thing that we tend to do as stay at home moms is gain weight. We eat what the kids do, play watch television with them. Yea and clean up and all of that good stuff. But what happens when the husband comes home and you and him want to go eat alone. YIKES you go to the closet and it's either t-shirts with cartoon characters on them( I have a ton of Eeyore) and sweats and wind pants or Capri pants. So we try to dress like an adult and then we look in the mirror and we do not recognize ourselves. You have put on weight. You have lost touch with fashion. Well guys I am there and I have to get past this. since high school.
when I met Bryan. I was 17 years old. I was exactly 103. Ran daily, ate hardly anything(except my chocolate), diet cokes and water were all I drank. And I showered at least 3 times a day.
I am now way over that. I am now two of me. And then some! YUCK! There are several times I have tried dieting or walking and I just get tired of it or something comes up. But not this time. Join me in learning to live better for my kids and help encourage me to loose at least 2-4 pounds a week over the next 10 weeks. If at 10 weeks I have done something great then I will attempt another 10 weeks. If not then I will try something new.

Today is a new way of life. No white bread, no chocolate, no sweet tea, no ketchup, no greasy hamburgers, no pizza, no ice cream. All of it is gone.

Wish me luck!