Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well the new school year is well under way and I must say this year is so much better than last! My children are in good hands this year and I feel so blessed and thankful for that.
School is important-I want my kids to have a passion for learning and exploring and that can only happen when it is presented to them in ways that are positive! Yes there will be times kids hate school but not learning!
Shawn's teacher this year told me she witnessed how he was treated last year and since she was new was not sure how to handle it but assured me that he was an amazing and bright child and will not be treated that way again and is so excited to have him because he is amazing! I cannot believe he is in 1st grade! WOW time is flying by!
Talk about flying by my baby girl-well she is in 5th grade umm someone wanna tell me how that happend! Next year is middle school! Im a bit scared!
But this year she is not going to fall through the cracks-her teacher and the principle are finally listening to me. Her doctor is finally hearing and listening to me! She is so smart and her personality is wonderful but as I know all to often is just on a different page than others and needs help understanding things differently and that can be very frustrating-It kills me to know she has to deal with this as I have. But I tell her- she is smarter than the rest of the world and just has to be taught differently because of that but it isn't her fault it's a gift and others have to embrace it!
Attention Deficit Disorder is not something that can easily be lived with but with the right people, concepts, and support-which support comes from everyone-teachers, principles, doctors, family and friends- A.D.D can be a gift and that is what I want her to understand!
I also feel this year will be not just for learning but growing in other aspects too!
She is asking about crushes and is it okay to like boys- she is asking questions about our faith and growing more in God everyday! She starts Bible Bowl again soon and is so excited!
Cant wait to see the accomplishments of the year!
As for Bryan and I-we are overcoming life and choices everyday! We take it sometimes- a minute at a time! We are growing closer and gettng to know each other all over again! It is improving daily! Thank you all for your love-support- understanding!
Here's to a better year-fingers crossed!

Hollar later! The Parkers

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The summer is suppose to be a time for family, fun and relaxation. Instead so far this summer has been nothing but a constant reminder of how life is so fragile and no day should be wasted and don't let anyone go without knowing what they mean to you-no matter how small the connection is! Because they could be gone in an instant!
We had a sleep over with the kids friends from Hico and that was fun and went to Fort Worth to spend time with Bryan's mom and went every where but had a blast.
Then we started summer recreation which the kids play basketball, run track, play tennis and physical fitness everyday, and play volleyball. We are also doing lots of swimming.
But soon after that I went to 2 funerals back to back. I lost a friend and that was tough and her memory and kindness and sweet nature will forever be in my heart and I pray her children are kept safe and are reminded daily how much their mommy loved them and how special they are!
Then following that funeral I lost my Great Aunt Dean Harper. Losing her hurts-bad! I miss her and her stories and funny comments. I will miss her hardheaded and strong wisdom. I will miss her hugs and kind words and pretty eyes! She truly will be missed by many and I know she is not hurting anymore and is with her husband and pawpaw and I think that is hard too-she was my link to them-in some sense Dean made it all okay and assured me that they were alive since they did die when I was young but I do remember them but she talked about them and told stories about them and that was nice to hear. She will be greatly missed by many.
Church camp starts soon-and it will be the first year she has not been there in my lifetime so that willbe very weird and hard to cope with.
Here are a few pics of the kids from this summer:

Monday, March 28, 2011


On March 22, I had a hysterectomy-at first I was quiet excited and thought I was ready. BUT TONIGHT-
as I lay with my lil guy tonight reading him an awesome kid's book- named
"If Animals Kiss Goodnight Like We Kiss Goodnight."
It hit me-never again will I feel a little flutter in my tummy. I will never hear the heartbeat over the ultrasound. I will never teach another little one to speak, walk, or rock one to sleep signing the same lullaby over and over.
Now don't get me wrong I had a tubal when my son was born but sometimes even those aren't real reliable. And it's not that I want any more babies. I have the best of both worlds a little girl and a little man-and I love them more than anything.
I guess its just knowing that part of my life is completely over.
Im am 28- many women my age are just either having their second or third but I sit back and think- now what am I suppose to do?
It brought a lump to my throat as I finished the book-looked at my guy passed snuggled in my arms-Im not sure if he even finished the book. I tried hard to swallow it back and just be thankful for the 2 healthy happy ones I have.
Kathy will be turning 10 soon soo I'm about to have my hands super full. She is so full of life and dreams and hilarious and just thinks that she is queen bee. Shawn is quiet for the most part-an observer in many situations. So I have the best of both worlds.
SO here's to the future- I say bring it on- I think Im ready for the next chapter in this job.
I will miss those first years and the excitement of a little one on the way but now I have to look forward to is school plays, football games, and long talks and laughs that will hurt.

Hollar back soon- Much love,
The Parkers

Monday, March 14, 2011


I love to write as many people know. Writing is a cleansing for me and it is a way to just look at life in a new light and a new perspective.
There is a part of me that would love to see this hobby become more than a hobby. I have been working on a children's book series about a raccoon raised by squirrels. I know I know- seriously raccoons and squirrels. But I love these animals but Im sure many of you are surprised it does not have anything to do with cats or kittens or the feline breed. Hmm that is in the works lol.

I have also just been doing some free writing and some thought provoking writing that is dealing with life decisions as they come and go.

It has been quiet hard for me to keep up with this blog here- at times I forget that I have it. At times, I get so caught up in what is really going on and forget that I have this to write on.

As a mom I just forget everything all together if it does not pertain to the worlds of a 5 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.

As Kat enters in a different stage in her life she is full of intriguing questions and some I would realy like to ignore and just say "go play with the dog and be a kid." But in a world where everything is so in their faces and the information out there anywhere for them to find I cannot always choose the "go be a kid and go play' route.
Shawn is a breath of fresh air at times because he is still so young that he is not thinking on the issues as Kat does. I love that he is so young and innocent in his thinking and find my conversations with him quiet refreshing and fun. The problems are easy to solve most of the time. And at times, Im slapped in the face with our conversations and find the solutions to my own issues in his world.

Bryan and I are at a different place right now and hopefully will one day look back on everything and say "wow-glad that is over." Just unsure about that right now. Just remember for every action is a reaction. And although that reaction may no be what is best- it is the way a person chose to react whether it be out of anger, pain, confusion or bitterness or just out of spite.

Another thing that is happening is SPRING! I love this time a year and then follows my all time favorite time- SUMMER!
I am missing Spring in East Texas though- the smells, the rain, the fireflies, the green grass. Pastures of rolling green and baby horses and calves running and playing.
We are slowly adjusting to where we live now and I am learning my way around the area quiet well although I do get lost I try to not get frustrated and just laugh and embrace it knowing that sooner or later- I will find my way back to where I need to be and head home out of frustration because I didn't find where I am suppose to be so I shall try again another day.

ANYWAYS-that is all for now-hollar back when I can!

Much love and light to you all!
The Parkers

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and Anniversary!

Wow- what a year!
It has been very crazy and eye opening!

The kids had a great Christmas-at mom and dad's this year. Although
keeping them young and innocent is getting harder as they get older. They
are questioning how real Santa is. Christmas is so fun when they are small-
its like if they find out Santa isnt real it wont be near as fun.
I know that they grow and will find out I just want them to wait a lil' longer.

Kathy is 9. Shawn is 5. Bryan is 31 and I well Old enough! Kat will be graduated
in less than 10 years. Its about to be a fast 10 years though. Shawn will be driving in
that amount of time almost.
As for Bryan and I well- we are celebrating 10 years of marriage this month
and its quite scarry. I take a step back and see where we began and started and
its funny that we live in Andrews again-especially now that it has been 10 years.

I would have never thought that what all has happend has happend in that amount of
time but it has and it has made us stronger and made me realize what I can survive.

As of right now the best marriage advice I can give is- take it a day at a time, and when
that seems impossible take it a minute at a time. Dont speak when angry- it doesnt help.
Moments of silence are great to plan what you really mean.

I look back on my wedding day and know how scared I really was. I took a leap-the biggest
jump to date. Many think we married because of the package that was on its way but
that isnt true we were already engaged. We just moved the date up from June to December.

Its funny how time changes people and their dreams so heres to the future whatever it
may bring!

Love ya'll hollar later1 Amber