Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a long time since I last posted-life has been busy.

Shawn still has hiccups and so the testing is still occurring and will be going back to gastro next week and the pulmonologist in Feb. But other than that is amazing and growing up and turning out to be soo handsome but of course I am a bit biased!
Kathy is doing okay-struggling with her grades but hope to figure out some tricks to get her back to where she wants to be soon.
Christmas came and went very smoothly. The kids loved everything that Santa brought them and thankful to grandparents who were able and kind enough to chip in and buy a swing set for them-they are soo excited!
December is a special month for us-it is when Bryan and I were married. Today is our anniversary.
We have been married now for 9 years. 9 years ago I was right about 5:40-I was shaking so bad that I could barely stand-I couldn't breathe and then on the outside of my door I hear his voice say the sweetest things to me and pepping me up. My world was going to change forever-then my cousin Keith comes to get me and prepares me for the longest walk in my life. All I could hear was the song playing and my heart in my throat-I look up and I see him. He was perfect just as I remembered him-and then I couldnt get there fast enough-but then I see all these people starring at me-many I had no idea who they were and a few that I had loved for a few months due to new friends and then those that I had loved for years.
Then Bryan's uncle who married us said "there will be even greater temptations for you now because the world will see that you have a ring on your hand and will want to make you break that vow-that promise. So protect it with your life." Those words have forever rang in my brain forever.
Bryan and I have been through soo much in the past 9 years and there were times when we both felt that everyone was against us including each other. But here we are tonight-I am married to my hero-to the man I saw in Uncles and said "I will marry that man." and I did and I have never been more sure than I am tonight that I am with who I am suppose to be with.
He is amazing-strong and let's me be me and really is the only one who has ever loved me for me and accepted all of me despite everything I mess up he still loves me. I am thankful for him, his hands that hold me strong and tight, his eyes that see me despite my flaws still say the most amazing things to me, push me to get through the toughest times on my own when I think I cannot do it. He reminds me what a Christian is to be like and what I take for granted sometimes. Without him-I would not have survived life and would not be here today litterally!
I am thankful for the lessons, tears and fights that have gotten us to tonight.
I love him and my heart has never loved one as much as him.
So Bryan Quade Parker-thank you for taking me as your wife, and thank you for holding on when I didnt feel that I should be loved.
Here's to the next 90 years!

Later Amber

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok =I have to say that I hate this weather. I am freezing! I was made to feel the sun burn my skin and the warm breeze blow-not have cold chills when it is 55 outside. Although I do get to slouch around in sweats all day now and wear my hoodies so that is good but still-hate this weather. I miss my sunshine. It is really bugging me.

Kathy is doing totally fantabulous! She made the AB honor roll-in the first 6 weeks. Usually it takes her several times but she is just glowing. Her favorite subject is science. Her math grade is amazing and she is coming home with her homework done everyday. She is growing up!

Shawn is loving learning. He has never come home with a frown on his calendar and he constantly tells me he wants smileys on "every single day of his calenders." He is learning so much-and to see that excitement in his eyes is a blast. I remember that look when Kathy started learning and asking all sorts of questions that spurred more questions on certain topics at this age.
He writes his name and thinks that his friends are great. He does have "close" friends-one day, he was on the playground and sister caught him as she walked by holding hands with a friend. Well they got in the car and she told me and he died-he just screamed "we are nothing but very close fun friends!" I reassured him that it was okay. And as long as he was nice to everyone that is all that matter. But deep inside it was hilarious. Knowing that he even has "close" friends-I am torn. I know he is growing up but I wish I could be a fly at least a few days a week to hear and witness things in their lives that I am not seeing now. He is also saying that a few of the teachers and the nurse at the school are his "favoritist" people because they help him and make things nice. Teachers-of all ages-have to know that parents want as much communication and the inside dirt on things that happen up there-comments or ideas that the kids have that are funny or insightful. Those moments are ones we, as parents, miss. Dont keep em and forget them-share them so how.
Both of the kids have such awesome teachers and we communicated almost daily with emails. I love that communication. Anytime I have a question-I just email and usually get an answer from a few minutes to a few hours.
Now as far as health goes-we have done some heavy talking with the doctors-neither of my kids will have the special flu shot for N1H1. Kathy can have the flu shot now and will have it soon but Shawn cannot until we clear up what is goin on with his lungs. He did see the gastroentonologist and she said several things-first she wants him to have a cat scan of tummy which will occur in a few days. She did blood work and chest x rays- chest xray was not clear so wants to see if it is asthma related or infection which we are working on. She also found another swollen lymph node under his arm. The blood test though ruled out anything scarry like cancer. She put him on another acid reflux med and a new antibiotic on top of his other meds-she thinks his stomach is not properly emptying when he eats and digests then it continues to get full and pushes on diaphragm and causes hiccups. We will know more after cat scan.
Thank you for prayers-and thoughts. God has given me my children and has taught me the most valuable lessons in life, on top of what I have learned through his example, through my children.
Bryan and I are wonderful and have almost been married for 9 years. It has been an amazing but difficult fight to get here. And we are ready for the next 29. We are thankful that we are growing and that we are learning new things everyday. God really blessed me when I found Bryan.

Well ok enough of mushy stuff-hollar later and hope the sun comes out soon.
The Parkers

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey I am becoming awful at this.
Ok so Shawn has had a rough few weeks. The first week of September-Shawn became ill with bronchitis. So we began the winter regimen already: the antibiotics, the breathing treatments.
He is done with the antibiotics but still has bad coughing. So the breathing treatmens are still going on and they make him super excited and hyper.
Last night I was in the middle of my final exam-literally had an hour left til I could turn it in. I made it but not before the small interruption from Shawn throwing up constantly for several hours. He has a fever still and is resting and taking things easy.
But first thing after Kat went to school I had to take Shawn to the doctor-the specialist for the neck. The doctor said that he has an allergy infection and that is causing lymphnodes to infect. He put him on a nasal spray, then he put him on Singular for chronic coughing and weezing. It is used on asthma patients but he said this will help with other things too. Then he changed his breathing treatment meds from albuterol to another one. He said that should cut down on the jitters.
Shawn did get the hiccups while there and the doctor was interested in that too-I did tell him we are going to a specialist in October for that. He did say that the singulair will help his chest so that it might also make the hiccups easier on his chest.
ANYWAYS thanks for the prayers, words of comfort and thoughts. Now if we can get the hiccups under control I think I will be able to stop thinkin the worst. Thankfully Kathy has remained well for the most part-she did get sick on Sunday night with fever coughing and upset stomach but never had any vomiting or anything else from her. She stayed home with me yesterday but felt great today.
Ok well I better go.
Hollar later

Monday, August 31, 2009



Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know that we should just pray and have faith and know that whatever happens that we are going to be okay.
Shawn has had a lump on his neck for a while and it was okay but we went to the doctor to check up on several issues. At first the doctor said its just a swollen lymphnode it will be okay.
But then later in the appointment he said "you know what I do think that is too big and it is a bit hard so lets get himt to a pediatric specialist for that. I also want him to go to a pediatric gastro doctor because of the hiccups."
I know you think of hiccups as nothing major but he gets them everyday and they hurt bad.
So we thought it was acid reflux but its not so now we are going to run some tests to see what is going on.
I just have to remain strong and know that he will be okay and whatever happens we can survive.
But at the same time I am worried about my little man. He is having a blast at school and loves going. He really already has learned alot and we had no fits on the first or second day. He told me "Bye mom see ya later-love ya. Now go make my cookies." I did- I made him cookies and then they got a milkshake too.
It has been a great week. He was so tired when he got home-he told me he was going to play cars and was in the floor in front of the door-and like 5 minutes later I hear snoring! He had crashed-so to speak-his car still in his hand.
Kathy had a great first couple of days too-she has grown so much. We cut her hair-she wanted it in a swing bob. It comes right below the chin-I will take pics later-but she looks like my baby again because she has a baby face thanks to her daddy. She loves 3rd grade.
Well it is getting late and I am tryin to go to bed early sooner or later.
Good night Amber

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey ya'll how are you?
Life here is moving right along.
After many months to think, pray and debate and discuss options-I think that Bryan and I have twisted and turned and debated and discussed this topic till it has nothing left.
We think that from where we are the best thing for Shawn is to go to preschool. We feel that the cirriculum, the teacher, the other kids and the opportunities that it will provide will be good and can only build him up.
I am expecting some behavior changes but just like with this and every other bad habit you see the behavior-you then correct the behavior. If the behavior is repeated-you punish if not you reward. It will only be for a few hours in the afternoon.
He is excited and I am excited to see how much his little brain learns. I am not really sad about the issue because I know that I will have him in the mornings to myself and to preteach and remind him and eat lunch with him.
It is a new stage in our lives-another year to grow and explore and learn and see what is to come.
We are facing this change in our life positively and full of prayer, and just ask for the support in this choice. Again-you can disagree but still be nice.
Thanks for all of the ideas and thoughts on this-I for one did not think that this was such a hot topic but obviously it is.
Hollar later

Monday, August 10, 2009

More thinking on preschool.

I have read all of my comments on my facebook and realize that many are for preschool. But a few aren't: To each it's own.

I do not think that it is going to hurt him spirituality or hold him back from becoming a Christian.
My daughter did go to preschool when she was 3 and 4. She loved it and was happy about it. It was an amazing experience for her. The difference here is first Kathy went through a church. Second difference is special people that I knew very well were her teachers.
But I know the teacher Shawn will be having and have had conversations with her and I am impressed. I am comforted by things she has said.
No matter the age of a child unfortunately our world is changing daily and why be fake about it. Sooner or later the child will have to enter the world. The child's parents are responsible for guiding him and keeping him safe in the world and making sure that everything around him is safe for him. I know most of the people who will be in his class and their parents. I am impressed but as always there will be people no matter what you will not agree with everything.
But I do not think that me sending him to preschool is giong to ruin and damage his whole demeanor.
I also think that where matters-there are schools where the preschool program is awful and the teacher and environment would be horrible and damaging on the child. But I do not feel that with this school. I have been in the school as a substitue teacher, a parent. The experiences there have been nice and have standards of their children and keep the school under control. It really is a school where the kids are still good.
Last point-yes it is only for a few hours a day in the afternoon. If he were home he would be taking a nap from 1pm-2:30 everyday. Then going to get his sister and then coming here.
So I think this time could be spent better else where. Yes at this point in time I do stay at home with him but if he did do this I would get a job-right now even an extra 150.00 a week would help big time.
I could continue substitue teaching, or I could just work on the house and have it all done when everyone gets home that afternoon and spend time with them instead of trying to get things done after school.
I just dont think it would harm him-it didnt Kathy-she is amazing in many subjects but I do think that if we didn't start her early due to the situations and troubles she has had in the past years that she wouldnt be where she is now.
I never think that it is harming a child when putting them in a position that can only better them in the long run.

The more I think about it the more I am considering preschool. Who knows?
Hollar later Amber

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello everyone!

Life here is flying by and I cannot believe summer- my favorite part of the year-is almost over.
This summer has been litterally one of the worst hands down.
Bryan losing his job, me not finding one, the kids not going anywhere, and it seems every where I go there is something else falling apart. I know that it will get better-I just want to know when and pray and continue to pray that it gets better soon.
OK SO several people have asked over the past months if Shawn will go to preschool this coming fall.
It is getting down to the wire and I am so confused and not sure what to do. First let me say that I have been in the preschool classroom in Hico and I love em. I think the people are nice and they truly teach kids and this is not just free babysitting. These kids are learning and enjoy it.
Now I have several close people that I love who are telling me two different things.
Some say "do not do preschool. It is horrible. You will regret it. You are giving your baby away.
He is to little. He needs his mom still."
Then I also get- "Hey he is going to love it. He is going to learn so much. He needs to start meeting people and learning to be social. He will miss it if he does not get to do it."
The differences in opinion go on. But school is two weeks away almost and I have to decide.

So first let me tell you Shawn is asking me "momma do I get to go to school yet?" He has had his backpack picked out and saved for almost 2 years. He talks about it all the time. Second I should say that it will only be 3 or 4 hours a day.
Now my mind thinks wow that is alot of time-I could get alot done. I could get a small job. I could do my school at the same time as him. I could continue in substitue teaching and see him.
I could star back to scrapbooking or something.
So many say that it harms them and it is neglecting my child and that he is not old enough.
Others tell me that it will do good.
Last thing I can tell you-the school district of Hico is amazing. The kids are clean and for the most part from what I have experienced are well behaved. The teachers are passionate and are always looking for ways to reach and inspire and motivate their students. They love it when parents are involved in the child's learning.
I for one maybe too involved but I would rather be safe than sorry. I am always asking questions and making sure that we dont miss something.



Thursday, July 16, 2009




This is kathy with her birthday cake for her 8th birthday. I finally gave in and let Bryan get her that b-b gun she has been wanting. I told Bryan when she was born he would have to wait til she was 8. Guess what that happens way to fast.

The puppies are growing fast and I am giving them shots today and then they are gone. The boys are 75.00 and the girls are 100.00.So the tails are docked, the duclaws are gone they have thier first round of shots, and they are cute and very sweet and are use to cats and kids.


Monday, July 6, 2009


But what I do know is summer is hot, and usually filled full with long days with sleeping in, cuddling watching cartoons for a bit then out to play while I get things done so I can hang with my kids later. Then we swim or fly kites or go to movies or get ice cream. Then it ends with nights in the yard chasing fireflies(love fireflies) laughing and then off to bath book then bed.

But something I often forget is FAMILY. As you all know Bryan lost his job but we are so blessed that we have not really gone without anything major yet. Everything keeps holding up and working and I keep thanking God for that one. Because literally I know he is the only one who can make it work the way it has lately.
But we had Kathy's birthday party on the 4th of July and it was great but what is perfect is that on the 3rd I asked her knowing our financial situation "If she could have anything in the world for her birthday what would it be?"
I was expecting a barbie, a pedicure, and tons of other stuff that I cannot get right now. But nope her answer was this " Mom-I just want my family and my friends and everyone to be happy."
I just hugged her and told her " I love you." But I had to go to my room and cry and pray.
Family is one of the most important things in my life-you only get one.
See in my eyes and my perfect world family would be like this: a dad that was home every single day by 5. A mom that only worked if she wanted as long as her babies came first. And everyone in that family knew how much they ment to one another and that they need one another to survive.
Bryan and I try to instill in Kathy that God will be there and if they do what God says and follow that book to the very best always then God will provide. Then we try to instill in them that we are all together in everything that we do. That the kids need one another forever-they are brother and sister and that is a very important job and they will need one another so they need to always put the other first and remember that at any moment they could lose one another.
Last we love one another even if we fail and we will work through that failure as a family but never leave the person who messed up to clean it up alone.
I have never been perfect but I know how I was raised-not saying it was bad-and I know how Bryan was raised-not saying it was bad. But we feel if we want a close family then we have to be the ones to start it.
That answer was the least I ever expected to hear from an 8 year old but I am so glad I did because somewhere in between this whole job losing situation and trying to stay positive I forgot that I am not alone and I have family.
Without my family there are days I do not think I could wake up another day. Bryan's hugs make me feel wanted. Shawn and Kathy remind me daily that I need to be better and that I am wanted and needed desperately. God helps me get those things done, have the strength to face another day and fight the urge that at times is deep with me to not wake up and face the world.
SO when you cannot anymore let God know and then look to those who God has given to you to help you hold on and survive.
Hollar later

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Possibly a new start

At this point we are not sure what this means. For us we are just praying and trying to keep our heads and spirits up. Friday afternoon Bryan was laid off of his job-he was told he could sit at home for 3-6 weeks and wait for them to call him to go to work or find a new job. Well we began looking for jobs-and so far only one has considered hiring Bryan and seems very promising-at the interview that is-but we have not heard from them yet.
It is strange the way all of this has unfolded and we know somewhere Bryan will find work we just hope that it will cover what we need and pay what we need or I will have to get a job which is something I will do if we have to but I sure do not want to leave the kids if I do not have too. Day care is so scarry but I am praying that will be taken care of.
Anyways wanted to give an up date.
Talk later

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puppies Baseball and Kids-just pictures

First let me explain this picture- Remember that Lucky is part Boston Terrier and part Jack Russel Terrier.the day after Lilly gave birth-the kids woke up and found a jack russel terrier dog and a puppy outside that was boston terrier. The kids were so excited so they came to get me.

I went outside to check and it was a jack russel with a puppy that was identical to Lucky. Looks like Lucky has been "cheating on Lilly". Poor girl. LOL let me explain that too-Shawn asked where the puppies came from and I wasn't sure how to answer him so he answered himself- It's like you and dad-ya'll got married and had me and Kathy. So lucky and lilly got married and now she has to have babies. So below are all the puppies and kids in baseball and a few others..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missing but tons of action

It has been awhile but it has not been because we have nothing going on-it's just been busy since Shawn's birthday.
This is our first full week of summer. Summer is my favorite season and I live for every day that the sun is out and there are no plans and I can just sit in my backyard and let the sun burn my skin and watch kids play and nothing weigh on my mind.
Since the last post we have had end of the year awards, track meet, my diploma is actually getting here in 3 weeks, me being sick, Bryan getting poison ivy and using LIME to kill it.
We also have had the luck of having 8 boston terrier puppies from the now married "lucky and lilly".
I am looking for a job and keep praying one will show that will work with my kids so they do not have to be sacraficed.
The decision to go to churchcamp has still not been decided-we want to find or rent a camper so that me and the kids will have a place to stay and not impose on anyone. But it does not look like that will happen.
Oh yeah plus baseball season-Gosh Shawn just played his last game yesterday which was amazing-he has grown soo much in the past few months. The team I coach with some friends and also Kathy's team may have a chance to go to playoffs-CRAZY!
Did I mention that I actually now have a degree. LOL yea I know it's just an associates and I still have 2 years before the bachelors but hey a few years ago I never thought I would get this far.
Kathy turns 8 in a few weeks and I have no idea what to do for her bday. I think we are planning another 4th of July Bash-which is my all time favorite holiday.
The kids have been sleeping in, and spending all day outside in their swimsuits-in and out of the pool and sprinkler, and Shawn is turning dark and his hair is getting lighter and Kathy is too.
Vacation Bible school starts Monday and I am teaching Kathy's class.
I have not talked to anyone lately just hanging out here and trying to figure out our summer and when we can plan things. OH I officially become a CASA advocate on the 10th- I am being sworn in at the courthouse in Hamilton or the bank because the courthouse is under construction.
Today, since it rained last night, I took the kids to see the movie UP-I think every family in America should see it. IT really hits home and makes everyone think about life and it is good for the adults to see it too-super cute and clean and just makes you realize what is really important in a time of today. We also saw The Night at the Museum 2-it was cute and okay there was some adult humor but it was ok.
I think that about sums everything up. Miss everyone and hope all is well-Best wishes and hollar later and I will post pics in a few minutes of puppies, baseball, and kids.

Hollar later


Monday, May 11, 2009


I was able to make it to the zoo field trip with Kathy this year. It was fun and fast paced.
Here are a few pics of her and the zoo trip.

Hollar back later Amber

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn

Shawn's birthday party was a blast and it was a full day.
Full of baseball, cooking, eating way too much and ended with roasting marshmellows and making smores.
Shawn had a blast and a total of 39 people were able to come. The party started at 6:30 and did not end until 11:45 that night.
First we went to baseball games-I am coaching Kathy's team and Bryan is coaching Shawn's team. So we are the Hico Bling and the Hico Hunters. To be honest the other coaches thought of the names and Bryan and I just agreed but it fits both teams well.
After the games we came home and prepared for the day-we had no idea what we were getting into. We invited a total of 45 and 39 showed.
Shawn had friends from baseball, and church and we had family there too.

Here are a few pictures of the monkey themed party-

Here's to another great and fun filled year of life!
Hollar later Amber

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter was fun and exhausting.
The kids have way too much junk and sweets. It was fun hanging out with family. It was the first time that my family has been together in over a year. Kathy and Shawn finally got to see the baby twins-Eli and Landon. The twins were perfect and precious. They are a constant reminder for me that miracles can still happen and to be thankful for everyday that you have. I didn't get to do as much on the ranch as I wanted but the weather was awful. It rained one night and the wind did not stop-but it was still fun.
Kathy got out on Thursday afternoon so I took pictures from then til the end
OH and one is of Kathy with a busted lip-she fell down at school-I felt so bad for her. She did not get to eat anything at her Easter party-it looked awful. The pictures really do not show you how big her lip got. She iced it forever and even fell asleep on top of the ice pack and it looked even bigger after icing it over night.
All is well now and we are back to a busy week. Bryan and daddy and Lance and my uncle went fishing so pictures from that will be up soon.
Hollar later


Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been working really hard on getting some things done before Shawn gets into school. One of those things is a degree-right now I am in two classes-International Business Relations and Organizational Theory and Behavior-well this coming Sunday at midnight-My International Business Relations class will be over and then in another week the Organizational one will be over and HOPEFULLY I WILL HAVE AN ASSOCIATES IN BUSIENSS. That is more than I ever thought I would get. Then in May I begin working on my Bachelors in Human Services and Management.
My Casa training is about to end this Thursday then I have interview process and I really hope I make it through because I really feel that this is taking me in the right direction of where I want to be. In the mean time I need a job-I have no idea what to do-Bryan's job has slowed down and it isn't quiet making is so I have to figure something out or he has to figure something out.

Here are a few more pictures of Kathy and Shawn that I took of them just messing around.
Hollar later Amber

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It has been a while since my last post and our life has been busy.

Spring break was fun, and the break needs to be longer. We ran out of days to get it all done.
Since spring break, we have been running constantly.

First a weight update-ok my total lost now is at 45 pounds.Which is not bad and I am happy about but for the past 3weeks it seems that I have slacked off in exercise, eating, and I keep forgetting to take my pills. So I have got to get back on this-why do I start slacking when the weather is warm. It is annoying-so I have to try harder.
Kathy is now in acting class-just something to fill some time and open up something new for her to try. She really likes it and to be honest it really fits her. Shawn and her are about to begin baseball, and I am coaching Kathy's baseball with another parent. It will be fun and I am excited about that. Bryan is coaching Shawn's tee-ball team with a friend of his- so they are excited about that too. I am glad that Bryan is able to do that. I know it is something that he wanted to do.
I think we are about to stop tumbling for the summer but it may actually stop in like May because of how busy we get. Everyday of the week is something and sometimes two somethings.
I have also begun training to work with CASA-court appointed special advocate for children. I am so excited. I have not gone through the interview yet but I have to have training first, then interview. So I hope I get accepted. Also if I get accepted I would be able to have that as my internship when I began needing that in the next year or so.
It really is getting toward that time-in 2 weeks I will hopefully have my Associates in Business done and in May begin working on my Human Services and Management degree then I can get my license in counseling. I should be done when Kathy is like 14.
Shawn is also about to register for PRE-K. So excited and so is he. Also he has gone from training wheels to NO training wheels. He is growing up so fast. I just wish I could press pause.
Ok so I let the kids have a mud fight the other day it was hilarious and here are some pictures of that.
They made a mess-but they made a memory and it was a blast and guess what they wash!
Well hollar later,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Although it is spring break it has not been much of a break.
I am not use to having the kids here for spring break.They usually leave that Friday after school lets out and do not come back til the Sunday before school starts again-they are usually with Bryan's dad and Carol. This time they did get to go see my mom on Saturday and returned today but I did not get everything done that I needed too.
But Saturday and Sunday were the best days that Bryan and I have had together in a very long time.
We went to see the twins in Snyder and mom met me there and took our kids. We spent the weekend with Dustin, Amy and the sweetest boys. We watched the boys Sunday morning so that Dustin and Amy could go to church together. Bryan and I had a small bible study while we let the boys play on their blankets next to us and sang a few bible class songs to theem. It was refreshing to us and it helped us discuss among one another in a way that we do not normally get to talk. Amy thought we were doing her a favor but it really was the other way around.
I have to tell you Amy is a very good cook-she spoiled us and taught me a few things about food and cooking. We left not wanting to leave just because Bryan and I both knew that I cannot cook that good.
Life has been busy and frustrating and full. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to stay afloat that I and Bryan too forget that it is okay to let God and our faith to just carry us and help us survive.
It has been a stressful few weeks. Baseball starts soon and possible acting classes for Kathy-like she need helps with drama.
Anyways I am tired and have laundry to do and clothes to put up so I have to get back to work.

Hollar Later


Sunday, March 1, 2009



The kids did so well. They really improved and learned so much. The team won 5 games and lost 3. They even made it to the championship tournament. I am so proud of them. They played really hard and took 2nd place out of the tournament. I have tried adding video but it wont work so here are a few pictures of her and her team playing.

Kathy has grown alot during this time, and it was so much fun coaching her.

Next on the list is baseball, and I am trying to get to coach her in this and Shawn will begin tee-ball too. I am excited about seeing him play. He plays in the front yard with Bryan and Kat and he is really good-I can't imagine where that came from-lol. Bryan really is so funny listening to him play with the kids in the front yard. He is so passionate about it and forgets that they are little and just learning. I love it!

Hollar later