Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The summer is suppose to be a time for family, fun and relaxation. Instead so far this summer has been nothing but a constant reminder of how life is so fragile and no day should be wasted and don't let anyone go without knowing what they mean to you-no matter how small the connection is! Because they could be gone in an instant!
We had a sleep over with the kids friends from Hico and that was fun and went to Fort Worth to spend time with Bryan's mom and went every where but had a blast.
Then we started summer recreation which the kids play basketball, run track, play tennis and physical fitness everyday, and play volleyball. We are also doing lots of swimming.
But soon after that I went to 2 funerals back to back. I lost a friend and that was tough and her memory and kindness and sweet nature will forever be in my heart and I pray her children are kept safe and are reminded daily how much their mommy loved them and how special they are!
Then following that funeral I lost my Great Aunt Dean Harper. Losing her hurts-bad! I miss her and her stories and funny comments. I will miss her hardheaded and strong wisdom. I will miss her hugs and kind words and pretty eyes! She truly will be missed by many and I know she is not hurting anymore and is with her husband and pawpaw and I think that is hard too-she was my link to them-in some sense Dean made it all okay and assured me that they were alive since they did die when I was young but I do remember them but she talked about them and told stories about them and that was nice to hear. She will be greatly missed by many.
Church camp starts soon-and it will be the first year she has not been there in my lifetime so that willbe very weird and hard to cope with.
Here are a few pics of the kids from this summer: