Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ok =I have to say that I hate this weather. I am freezing! I was made to feel the sun burn my skin and the warm breeze blow-not have cold chills when it is 55 outside. Although I do get to slouch around in sweats all day now and wear my hoodies so that is good but still-hate this weather. I miss my sunshine. It is really bugging me.

Kathy is doing totally fantabulous! She made the AB honor roll-in the first 6 weeks. Usually it takes her several times but she is just glowing. Her favorite subject is science. Her math grade is amazing and she is coming home with her homework done everyday. She is growing up!

Shawn is loving learning. He has never come home with a frown on his calendar and he constantly tells me he wants smileys on "every single day of his calenders." He is learning so much-and to see that excitement in his eyes is a blast. I remember that look when Kathy started learning and asking all sorts of questions that spurred more questions on certain topics at this age.
He writes his name and thinks that his friends are great. He does have "close" friends-one day, he was on the playground and sister caught him as she walked by holding hands with a friend. Well they got in the car and she told me and he died-he just screamed "we are nothing but very close fun friends!" I reassured him that it was okay. And as long as he was nice to everyone that is all that matter. But deep inside it was hilarious. Knowing that he even has "close" friends-I am torn. I know he is growing up but I wish I could be a fly at least a few days a week to hear and witness things in their lives that I am not seeing now. He is also saying that a few of the teachers and the nurse at the school are his "favoritist" people because they help him and make things nice. Teachers-of all ages-have to know that parents want as much communication and the inside dirt on things that happen up there-comments or ideas that the kids have that are funny or insightful. Those moments are ones we, as parents, miss. Dont keep em and forget them-share them so how.
Both of the kids have such awesome teachers and we communicated almost daily with emails. I love that communication. Anytime I have a question-I just email and usually get an answer from a few minutes to a few hours.
Now as far as health goes-we have done some heavy talking with the doctors-neither of my kids will have the special flu shot for N1H1. Kathy can have the flu shot now and will have it soon but Shawn cannot until we clear up what is goin on with his lungs. He did see the gastroentonologist and she said several things-first she wants him to have a cat scan of tummy which will occur in a few days. She did blood work and chest x rays- chest xray was not clear so wants to see if it is asthma related or infection which we are working on. She also found another swollen lymph node under his arm. The blood test though ruled out anything scarry like cancer. She put him on another acid reflux med and a new antibiotic on top of his other meds-she thinks his stomach is not properly emptying when he eats and digests then it continues to get full and pushes on diaphragm and causes hiccups. We will know more after cat scan.
Thank you for prayers-and thoughts. God has given me my children and has taught me the most valuable lessons in life, on top of what I have learned through his example, through my children.
Bryan and I are wonderful and have almost been married for 9 years. It has been an amazing but difficult fight to get here. And we are ready for the next 29. We are thankful that we are growing and that we are learning new things everyday. God really blessed me when I found Bryan.

Well ok enough of mushy stuff-hollar later and hope the sun comes out soon.
The Parkers