Thursday, July 16, 2009




This is kathy with her birthday cake for her 8th birthday. I finally gave in and let Bryan get her that b-b gun she has been wanting. I told Bryan when she was born he would have to wait til she was 8. Guess what that happens way to fast.

The puppies are growing fast and I am giving them shots today and then they are gone. The boys are 75.00 and the girls are 100.00.So the tails are docked, the duclaws are gone they have thier first round of shots, and they are cute and very sweet and are use to cats and kids.


Monday, July 6, 2009


But what I do know is summer is hot, and usually filled full with long days with sleeping in, cuddling watching cartoons for a bit then out to play while I get things done so I can hang with my kids later. Then we swim or fly kites or go to movies or get ice cream. Then it ends with nights in the yard chasing fireflies(love fireflies) laughing and then off to bath book then bed.

But something I often forget is FAMILY. As you all know Bryan lost his job but we are so blessed that we have not really gone without anything major yet. Everything keeps holding up and working and I keep thanking God for that one. Because literally I know he is the only one who can make it work the way it has lately.
But we had Kathy's birthday party on the 4th of July and it was great but what is perfect is that on the 3rd I asked her knowing our financial situation "If she could have anything in the world for her birthday what would it be?"
I was expecting a barbie, a pedicure, and tons of other stuff that I cannot get right now. But nope her answer was this " Mom-I just want my family and my friends and everyone to be happy."
I just hugged her and told her " I love you." But I had to go to my room and cry and pray.
Family is one of the most important things in my life-you only get one.
See in my eyes and my perfect world family would be like this: a dad that was home every single day by 5. A mom that only worked if she wanted as long as her babies came first. And everyone in that family knew how much they ment to one another and that they need one another to survive.
Bryan and I try to instill in Kathy that God will be there and if they do what God says and follow that book to the very best always then God will provide. Then we try to instill in them that we are all together in everything that we do. That the kids need one another forever-they are brother and sister and that is a very important job and they will need one another so they need to always put the other first and remember that at any moment they could lose one another.
Last we love one another even if we fail and we will work through that failure as a family but never leave the person who messed up to clean it up alone.
I have never been perfect but I know how I was raised-not saying it was bad-and I know how Bryan was raised-not saying it was bad. But we feel if we want a close family then we have to be the ones to start it.
That answer was the least I ever expected to hear from an 8 year old but I am so glad I did because somewhere in between this whole job losing situation and trying to stay positive I forgot that I am not alone and I have family.
Without my family there are days I do not think I could wake up another day. Bryan's hugs make me feel wanted. Shawn and Kathy remind me daily that I need to be better and that I am wanted and needed desperately. God helps me get those things done, have the strength to face another day and fight the urge that at times is deep with me to not wake up and face the world.
SO when you cannot anymore let God know and then look to those who God has given to you to help you hold on and survive.
Hollar later