Monday, March 30, 2009


I have been working really hard on getting some things done before Shawn gets into school. One of those things is a degree-right now I am in two classes-International Business Relations and Organizational Theory and Behavior-well this coming Sunday at midnight-My International Business Relations class will be over and then in another week the Organizational one will be over and HOPEFULLY I WILL HAVE AN ASSOCIATES IN BUSIENSS. That is more than I ever thought I would get. Then in May I begin working on my Bachelors in Human Services and Management.
My Casa training is about to end this Thursday then I have interview process and I really hope I make it through because I really feel that this is taking me in the right direction of where I want to be. In the mean time I need a job-I have no idea what to do-Bryan's job has slowed down and it isn't quiet making is so I have to figure something out or he has to figure something out.

Here are a few more pictures of Kathy and Shawn that I took of them just messing around.
Hollar later Amber

Saturday, March 28, 2009


It has been a while since my last post and our life has been busy.

Spring break was fun, and the break needs to be longer. We ran out of days to get it all done.
Since spring break, we have been running constantly.

First a weight update-ok my total lost now is at 45 pounds.Which is not bad and I am happy about but for the past 3weeks it seems that I have slacked off in exercise, eating, and I keep forgetting to take my pills. So I have got to get back on this-why do I start slacking when the weather is warm. It is annoying-so I have to try harder.
Kathy is now in acting class-just something to fill some time and open up something new for her to try. She really likes it and to be honest it really fits her. Shawn and her are about to begin baseball, and I am coaching Kathy's baseball with another parent. It will be fun and I am excited about that. Bryan is coaching Shawn's tee-ball team with a friend of his- so they are excited about that too. I am glad that Bryan is able to do that. I know it is something that he wanted to do.
I think we are about to stop tumbling for the summer but it may actually stop in like May because of how busy we get. Everyday of the week is something and sometimes two somethings.
I have also begun training to work with CASA-court appointed special advocate for children. I am so excited. I have not gone through the interview yet but I have to have training first, then interview. So I hope I get accepted. Also if I get accepted I would be able to have that as my internship when I began needing that in the next year or so.
It really is getting toward that time-in 2 weeks I will hopefully have my Associates in Business done and in May begin working on my Human Services and Management degree then I can get my license in counseling. I should be done when Kathy is like 14.
Shawn is also about to register for PRE-K. So excited and so is he. Also he has gone from training wheels to NO training wheels. He is growing up so fast. I just wish I could press pause.
Ok so I let the kids have a mud fight the other day it was hilarious and here are some pictures of that.
They made a mess-but they made a memory and it was a blast and guess what they wash!
Well hollar later,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Although it is spring break it has not been much of a break.
I am not use to having the kids here for spring break.They usually leave that Friday after school lets out and do not come back til the Sunday before school starts again-they are usually with Bryan's dad and Carol. This time they did get to go see my mom on Saturday and returned today but I did not get everything done that I needed too.
But Saturday and Sunday were the best days that Bryan and I have had together in a very long time.
We went to see the twins in Snyder and mom met me there and took our kids. We spent the weekend with Dustin, Amy and the sweetest boys. We watched the boys Sunday morning so that Dustin and Amy could go to church together. Bryan and I had a small bible study while we let the boys play on their blankets next to us and sang a few bible class songs to theem. It was refreshing to us and it helped us discuss among one another in a way that we do not normally get to talk. Amy thought we were doing her a favor but it really was the other way around.
I have to tell you Amy is a very good cook-she spoiled us and taught me a few things about food and cooking. We left not wanting to leave just because Bryan and I both knew that I cannot cook that good.
Life has been busy and frustrating and full. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to stay afloat that I and Bryan too forget that it is okay to let God and our faith to just carry us and help us survive.
It has been a stressful few weeks. Baseball starts soon and possible acting classes for Kathy-like she need helps with drama.
Anyways I am tired and have laundry to do and clothes to put up so I have to get back to work.

Hollar Later


Sunday, March 1, 2009



The kids did so well. They really improved and learned so much. The team won 5 games and lost 3. They even made it to the championship tournament. I am so proud of them. They played really hard and took 2nd place out of the tournament. I have tried adding video but it wont work so here are a few pictures of her and her team playing.

Kathy has grown alot during this time, and it was so much fun coaching her.

Next on the list is baseball, and I am trying to get to coach her in this and Shawn will begin tee-ball too. I am excited about seeing him play. He plays in the front yard with Bryan and Kat and he is really good-I can't imagine where that came from-lol. Bryan really is so funny listening to him play with the kids in the front yard. He is so passionate about it and forgets that they are little and just learning. I love it!

Hollar later