Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Possibly a new start

At this point we are not sure what this means. For us we are just praying and trying to keep our heads and spirits up. Friday afternoon Bryan was laid off of his job-he was told he could sit at home for 3-6 weeks and wait for them to call him to go to work or find a new job. Well we began looking for jobs-and so far only one has considered hiring Bryan and seems very promising-at the interview that is-but we have not heard from them yet.
It is strange the way all of this has unfolded and we know somewhere Bryan will find work we just hope that it will cover what we need and pay what we need or I will have to get a job which is something I will do if we have to but I sure do not want to leave the kids if I do not have too. Day care is so scarry but I am praying that will be taken care of.
Anyways wanted to give an up date.
Talk later

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puppies Baseball and Kids-just pictures

First let me explain this picture- Remember that Lucky is part Boston Terrier and part Jack Russel Terrier.the day after Lilly gave birth-the kids woke up and found a jack russel terrier dog and a puppy outside that was boston terrier. The kids were so excited so they came to get me.

I went outside to check and it was a jack russel with a puppy that was identical to Lucky. Looks like Lucky has been "cheating on Lilly". Poor girl. LOL let me explain that too-Shawn asked where the puppies came from and I wasn't sure how to answer him so he answered himself- It's like you and dad-ya'll got married and had me and Kathy. So lucky and lilly got married and now she has to have babies. So below are all the puppies and kids in baseball and a few others..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missing but tons of action

It has been awhile but it has not been because we have nothing going on-it's just been busy since Shawn's birthday.
This is our first full week of summer. Summer is my favorite season and I live for every day that the sun is out and there are no plans and I can just sit in my backyard and let the sun burn my skin and watch kids play and nothing weigh on my mind.
Since the last post we have had end of the year awards, track meet, my diploma is actually getting here in 3 weeks, me being sick, Bryan getting poison ivy and using LIME to kill it.
We also have had the luck of having 8 boston terrier puppies from the now married "lucky and lilly".
I am looking for a job and keep praying one will show that will work with my kids so they do not have to be sacraficed.
The decision to go to churchcamp has still not been decided-we want to find or rent a camper so that me and the kids will have a place to stay and not impose on anyone. But it does not look like that will happen.
Oh yeah plus baseball season-Gosh Shawn just played his last game yesterday which was amazing-he has grown soo much in the past few months. The team I coach with some friends and also Kathy's team may have a chance to go to playoffs-CRAZY!
Did I mention that I actually now have a degree. LOL yea I know it's just an associates and I still have 2 years before the bachelors but hey a few years ago I never thought I would get this far.
Kathy turns 8 in a few weeks and I have no idea what to do for her bday. I think we are planning another 4th of July Bash-which is my all time favorite holiday.
The kids have been sleeping in, and spending all day outside in their swimsuits-in and out of the pool and sprinkler, and Shawn is turning dark and his hair is getting lighter and Kathy is too.
Vacation Bible school starts Monday and I am teaching Kathy's class.
I have not talked to anyone lately just hanging out here and trying to figure out our summer and when we can plan things. OH I officially become a CASA advocate on the 10th- I am being sworn in at the courthouse in Hamilton or the bank because the courthouse is under construction.
Today, since it rained last night, I took the kids to see the movie UP-I think every family in America should see it. IT really hits home and makes everyone think about life and it is good for the adults to see it too-super cute and clean and just makes you realize what is really important in a time of today. We also saw The Night at the Museum 2-it was cute and okay there was some adult humor but it was ok.
I think that about sums everything up. Miss everyone and hope all is well-Best wishes and hollar later and I will post pics in a few minutes of puppies, baseball, and kids.

Hollar later