Monday, March 14, 2011


I love to write as many people know. Writing is a cleansing for me and it is a way to just look at life in a new light and a new perspective.
There is a part of me that would love to see this hobby become more than a hobby. I have been working on a children's book series about a raccoon raised by squirrels. I know I know- seriously raccoons and squirrels. But I love these animals but Im sure many of you are surprised it does not have anything to do with cats or kittens or the feline breed. Hmm that is in the works lol.

I have also just been doing some free writing and some thought provoking writing that is dealing with life decisions as they come and go.

It has been quiet hard for me to keep up with this blog here- at times I forget that I have it. At times, I get so caught up in what is really going on and forget that I have this to write on.

As a mom I just forget everything all together if it does not pertain to the worlds of a 5 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.

As Kat enters in a different stage in her life she is full of intriguing questions and some I would realy like to ignore and just say "go play with the dog and be a kid." But in a world where everything is so in their faces and the information out there anywhere for them to find I cannot always choose the "go be a kid and go play' route.
Shawn is a breath of fresh air at times because he is still so young that he is not thinking on the issues as Kat does. I love that he is so young and innocent in his thinking and find my conversations with him quiet refreshing and fun. The problems are easy to solve most of the time. And at times, Im slapped in the face with our conversations and find the solutions to my own issues in his world.

Bryan and I are at a different place right now and hopefully will one day look back on everything and say "wow-glad that is over." Just unsure about that right now. Just remember for every action is a reaction. And although that reaction may no be what is best- it is the way a person chose to react whether it be out of anger, pain, confusion or bitterness or just out of spite.

Another thing that is happening is SPRING! I love this time a year and then follows my all time favorite time- SUMMER!
I am missing Spring in East Texas though- the smells, the rain, the fireflies, the green grass. Pastures of rolling green and baby horses and calves running and playing.
We are slowly adjusting to where we live now and I am learning my way around the area quiet well although I do get lost I try to not get frustrated and just laugh and embrace it knowing that sooner or later- I will find my way back to where I need to be and head home out of frustration because I didn't find where I am suppose to be so I shall try again another day.

ANYWAYS-that is all for now-hollar back when I can!

Much love and light to you all!
The Parkers

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