Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and Anniversary!

Wow- what a year!
It has been very crazy and eye opening!

The kids had a great Christmas-at mom and dad's this year. Although
keeping them young and innocent is getting harder as they get older. They
are questioning how real Santa is. Christmas is so fun when they are small-
its like if they find out Santa isnt real it wont be near as fun.
I know that they grow and will find out I just want them to wait a lil' longer.

Kathy is 9. Shawn is 5. Bryan is 31 and I well Old enough! Kat will be graduated
in less than 10 years. Its about to be a fast 10 years though. Shawn will be driving in
that amount of time almost.
As for Bryan and I well- we are celebrating 10 years of marriage this month
and its quite scarry. I take a step back and see where we began and started and
its funny that we live in Andrews again-especially now that it has been 10 years.

I would have never thought that what all has happend has happend in that amount of
time but it has and it has made us stronger and made me realize what I can survive.

As of right now the best marriage advice I can give is- take it a day at a time, and when
that seems impossible take it a minute at a time. Dont speak when angry- it doesnt help.
Moments of silence are great to plan what you really mean.

I look back on my wedding day and know how scared I really was. I took a leap-the biggest
jump to date. Many think we married because of the package that was on its way but
that isnt true we were already engaged. We just moved the date up from June to December.

Its funny how time changes people and their dreams so heres to the future whatever it
may bring!

Love ya'll hollar later1 Amber

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